Who we are and what we do

In IT Services we enable the University to deliver life-enhancing research, innovation and education that not only transforms the lives of our graduates, but shapes the world we live in.

The interior of the Inormation Commons, with desks and computers spread across the space

The work we do underpins the experience of studying and working at the University, providing the technology and equipment to make everything else possible. From the networks and devices across campus, to providing expert support to research, to helping students and staff when something goes wrong, we have an impact on everyone who makes up the University of Sheffield community.

How we do all that is laid out in our Vision and Strategy. The way we work is explained through our departmental Values. And how the department is organised is laid out in our Structure, including our leadership team.

Our work

A person with their back to the camera, looking at a screen with several different camera angles of video on it, and a mixing desk in front of them

Read a few recent examples of some of the fantastic work supported by IT Services across the University:

Award-winning WiFi

Our WiFi and internet was ranked the best of any UK university in 2022 by students on StudentCrowd - all thanks to the dedicated work of our networks and infrastructure teams. Through an ongoing upgrade and maintenance programme they've replaced over 2,000 access points to improve the serviceability of the estate for years to come. These enhancements to our network will continue and expand, and are all supported by our monitoring procedures to address any drops in service.

Established the Creative Media Service

We set up a dedicated team to provide free photo, video and equipment hire to students and staff, as well as delivering support and training in how to use it. This service was one of the first of its kind at a UK university, and has expanded to offer media booths, edit suites, and even a TV studio - all of these allow students to take on more exciting and creative projects. It enables them to develop the skills needed for working in and around the media and creative sectors, with hands-on experience of using professional grade equipment and software.

Data Analytics Service (DAS)

The DAS was established to provide a communal resource of highly skilled data analysts, to support, augment and train colleagues and projects working with complex data. The skills and knowledge required to organise, manage and analyse data are in huge demand and are difficult for research projects to get access to in ways that fit the research funding processes and timescales. The Data Analytics Service not only provides these skills on projects but also actively transfers the skills to the other research project members through collaboration, skill sharing and training. The DAS is also working closely with the South Yorkshire Combined Mayoral Authority (SYMCA) to form the Office for Data Analytics (ODA) - empowering local policymakers to make better, more informed and data-supported decisions.