Set up MFA

How to set up multi-factor authentication (MFA) when using it for the first time.


 We recommend using the Duo Mobile MFA app on your mobile device. If your device isn’t compatible, you can request a hardware token. No other MFA or 2FA apps are supported.

You can also set up Duo Mobile on an additional or new device and manage your settings.

Set up the Duo Mobile app on a mobile device

1 - Check device compatibility

If you begin enrolling your University IT account then find your device isn't compatible, you will be locked out of your account and must contact IT help and support on +44 114 222 1111 for assistance.

Check the compatibility information:

Compatibility of Duo Mobile on Apple iOSCompatibility of Duo Mobile on Android

You may need to update your device before you can complete installing the app.

If your device is not compatible or you have accessibility requirements, contact IT help and support on +44 114 222 1111 for assistance.

2 - Download and install the Duo Mobile app

Do not attempt to manually add your University account to the Duo Mobile app. Make sure to follow the instructions below.

Download the Duo Mobile app:

Duo Mobile for Apple iOS on the App StoreDuo Mobile for Android on Google Play store

After downloading the app, go to step three 'Register your device' and follow the instructions.

If you cannot download the Duo Mobile app due to the Google Play store being blocked or unavailable in your country, read the instructions from Duo on how to download and install the Duo Mobile app directly.

3 - Register your device

To complete the MFA set-up process, you must register your device and the Duo Mobile app for your University IT account. Do not attempt to manually add your University account to the Duo Mobile app.

Register your device

Set up MFA on a hardware token or security key

If your device isn’t compatible, or you’re a member of staff or postgraduate researcher and you don’t want to use your mobile device for MFA, you can request a hardware token instead. For example, if you work in a lab or cleanroom where devices are not allowed.

Contact IT Services help and support to request an MFA hardware token

You can enrol your own personal security key at any time. However, we cannot support personal security keys due to the variety of configurations.

Duo Mobile device management

If you get a new phone and want to register that for MFA, or register an additional device, you need to use the Duo device management portal.

Login to the Duo management portal

In the Duo management portal, you can:

  • add new or additional devices (such as a new phone or tablet)
    • If you get a new phone, or have more than one device that you want to receive prompts on. Access the Duo management portal and follow the Managing your devices guidance on Duo's website
  • remove a device
    •  if your device is lost or stolen, contact IT help and support on +44 114 222 1111 immediately so we can remove it and register a new device
  • restore access to Duo 
    • if you've got a new phone with the same number but don't have your old phone
  • choose your 'default' device
    • if you have more that one device registered for MFA, you can choose the default device that will automatically receives the push notification, rather than selecting which device each time you log in
  • change the name of your device
    • to differentiate between your verification checks - for example, 'personal mobile' or 'work phone'
  • set up automatic Duo Push
    • Instead of entering a code set to the Duo Mobile app, you’ll see a notification to ‘Approve’ or ‘Deny’ the login request. If you choose automatic Duo Push, you won't be able to apply the 'Remember me for 7 days' option

For help and support with managing your devices in Duo, visit the Duo managing your devices page.