Room booking costs and guidelines

University pool teaching rooms are popular venues out of hours for student societies, local common interest groups and, in vacations, national and international conferences. See the costs associated with booking these rooms and guidelines you'll need to follow.



The standard rate applies to external or commercial bookings, such as conferences.

The associate rate applies to bookings made by local community groups and to internal, non-core bookings. 

Core bookings refers to University business, such as teaching and related activities. There is no charge for these activities.

If a booking is made for a whole day, or multiple days, the charges will be capped at either

  • twice the four-hourly rate for each day booked
  • six times the hourly rate for each day booked

Booking prices

Standard rate – Per four hours

Firth Hall: £550 ex VAT, £660 incl VAT

Chancellors Room: £70 ex VAT, £84 incl VAT

Council Room: £114 ex VAT, £120 incl VAT

Mappin Hall: £160 ex VAT, £192 incl VAT

John Carr Library: £70 ex VAT, £84 incl VAT

Standard rate – Per hour

Rooms or lecture theatres for

  • less than 50 people: £55 ex VAT, £66 incl VAT
  • 51–100 people: £70 ex VAT, £84 incl VAT
  • 100–250 people: £114 ex VAT, £120 incl VAT
  • more than 250 people: £160 ex VAT, £192 incl VAT

Associate rate – Per four hours

Firth Hall: £280 ex VAT, £336 incl VAT

Chancellors Room: £35 ex VAT, £42 incl VAT

Council Room: £60 ex VAT, £72 incl VAT

Mappin Hall: £80 ex VAT, £96 incl VAT

John Carr Library: £35 ex VAT, £42 incl VAT

Associate rate – Per hour

Rooms or lecture theatres for

  • less than 50 people: £25 ex VAT, £30 incl VAT
  • 51–100 people: £45 ex VAT, £54 incl VAT
  • 101–250 people: £60 ex VAT, £72 incl VAT
  • more than 250 people: £100 ex VAT, £120 incl VAT

Extra charges

If you need technical support for audiovisual (AV) equipment, there may be additional charges.

Additional portering charges will be charged for out-of-hours cover.

For public performances, an extra fee will apply, for duty management.

Performing Right Society (PRS) charges apply to musical events.

Equipment and other arrangements

Audio visual (AV) equipment

Standard audio visual (AV) equipment is provided in most rooms, such as

  • data projection facilities
  • a blackboard, whiteboard or flipchart

Other equipment is available on request, such as a 35mm slide projector.

If you need audiovisual equipment, you should request this when booking. You will be charged for this.

Public address (PA) equipment

Basic PA equipment is provided in rooms or lecture theatres that seat over 101 people.


If refreshments are needed, you should make arrangements directly with withUS or Gusto.

Parking and vehicles

You should make any arrangements for parking cars and loading or unloading coaches with the EFM helpdesk in advance. Phone +44 114 222 9000.

Room guidelines

Entering and leaving

If your room is locked, go to the Porters' Lodge at the main entrance to the building.

Rooms should be vacated by 9.30pm on each Monday to Thursday and 8.30pm on Fridays.


Rooms should be left in a clean and tidy condition after use. If you've moved any furniture, you should replace it in its original position.

If we need to carry out any additional cleaning after your event, you'll be charged for the cleaner's time.


For safety reasons, you shouldn't bring in any extra furniture without the agreement of the Bookings Office.

Maximum seating capacities can't be exceeded.

If you're the hirer or their nominee, you're responsible for the safety of the group in the event of an emergency.

You should familiarise yourself with fire procedures before the event takes place. If you have any doubts about the procedure, contact

  • University Safety Services during office hours, on +44 114 222 6198
  • University Emergency Control Centre outside office hours, on +44 114 222 4085

Payments and cancellations

If you need to cancel a booking, you must give us 14 days notice. If you fail to do so, a 25% cancellation charge will be made.

You can't make direct payments to University staff. All payments should be made against an invoice.

More help

For further details and clarification of the facilities included, contact the room bookings team on +44 114 222 9060 or