Helen Hoyle wins PhD award for original academic research

Dr Helen Hoyle

Department of Landscape PhD graduate Dr Helen Hoyle has been awarded a prize for original academic research from the Landscape Research Group for her thesis ‘Human Happiness versus Urban Biodiversity? Public perception of designed urban planting in a warm climate.’

Helen, who graduated last summer, was awarded £500 and a year’s free membership to the Landscape Research Group.

Helen’s thesis considered public perception of urban planting and found that bright, colourful flowers – those with ‘wow factor' - are considered the most attractive, and beneficial to pollinators, whereas subtle green tones are related to a greater restorative effect.

A majority of the 1400 members of the public surveyed would accept non-native planting in public parks and spaces, and climate-change is a major driver of that acceptance.

Helen said: “In receiving this award I shall be celebrating the journey I started in September 2009 when I left my post as Head of Geography in the secondary sector to study for an MA in Landscape Architecture. At the time I had no idea of the opportunities and challenges, frustrations and highs of the years ahead.”

“Although there was already a convincing body of evidence linking urban green spaces and health and well-being, there was still little understanding of what sort of 'green' was most preferred by people, and of how people reacted to 'climate-adapted' urban planting. After talking to and completing questionnaires with over 1400 people who walked through woodland, shrub or herbaceous planting at 31 different sites in England, and conducting in-depth interviews with 34 of them, my understandings of these relationships has grown.”

“Our findings indicate that in the context of a changing climate, focus must move away from the strong nativism paradigm of the policy and practice guidance: Non- invasive, climate-adapted and aesthetically pleasing planting could be well received by the public.”

“I am looking forward to presenting on PhD findings at the awards event in London in May.”

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