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Library Learning Spaces

Learning spaces are available at Western Bank Library, Information Commons, Health Sciences Library, Royal Hallamshire Hospital and the Diamond. All library sites have a mix of bookable and walk-in learning spaces, including silent study areas, spaces with or without a PC, group rooms and more communal spaces.

Please see our Library Sites page for current opening times, and our Library Update for the latest information.

Whilst we are reviewing government guidance and University procedures relating to COVID safety measures, we encourage you to continue to wear a face covering while moving around in the library.

Assessment Period: Extra Study Spaces

Assessment Period: Extra Study Spaces
During the assessment period, extra study spaces have been made available across campus to ensure that you have the room and facilities to study.

For more information about the spaces across campus, including spaces in the Arts Tower and the Hicks Building, visit our dedicated Assessment Period Spaces page.

Bookable Spaces

All library sites offer a number of spaces that are bookable up to 48hrs in advance. These are a mix of general study spaces and spaces with managed PCs. Group rooms are also available for booking. Spaces can be booked via our reservation form.

For further information please see our FAQs.

If you are actively participating in an online seminar, you may wish to consider booking a space on level 4 in the Information Commons. Level 4 is our Connect4Learning Zone, an area where you may feel more comfortable if you are participating in seminars or other online learning activities.

Library site Bookable study spaces and locations Total number of spaces
Information Commons - Level 2 Silent Study (desks)
- Level 3 Silent Study (PCs)
- Level 4 PCs (near the doors to Levels 5 & 6)
Western Bank Library - Level 6 balcony area (desks) 104  (52 each side)
Health Sciences Library  - Silent Study
- 5 PCs (at the back, right-hand side of the library)

Group Rooms

Group rooms are also available for booking. These spaces are designed for collaborative group work and not individual study. You can select your capacity options on the form to ensure that you have enough space to study. Spaces can be booked via our booking form.

Assistive Study Spaces

Assistive spaces and spaces with assistive technology are available at all libraries. If you have any questions about assistive spaces, please email lib-inclusivelearning@sheffield.ac.uk

General Study Spaces

All general study spaces are walk-in access only, you can check the availability of University Desktop PCs in one of our open access rooms on campus.

Study Spaces in your Department

In addition to study spaces in teaching rooms, departments may have local spaces, which will be communicated to you directly by your department.

Accommodation Spaces

There are various study and social spaces available for you to use within the student accommodation residences. For the latest details, please visit the Accommodation Update page. Please note, these spaces are for the use of University accommodation residents only.