This is a suggested wording you can use when contacting publishers

Dear *******

I am a postgraduate research student at the University of Sheffield working towards my thesis on (insert title of thesis).  I wish to include the following extract in my thesis and am contacting you as the author or rights-holder:

[Insert details of the material you wish to include]

(For example:

  1. Norman, Sandy (2004) Ch.2 Exceptions and limitations:statutory permission to copy in Practical copyright for information professionals: the CILIP handbook.  Facet Publishing, p.16-36
  2. Fig.5 The golden torques of Rhenen, Achterberg (photograph Centraal Museum) in Besteman, J.C. et al. (eds.) (1990) Medieval archaeology in the Netherlands: studies presented to H.H. van Regeren Altena.  Van Gorcum, p.15)

The electronic version of my thesis will be deposited in White Rose eTheses Online repository (  The repository is non-commercial and openly available to all.  I would be grateful if you could advise if this will be acceptable.

Kind regards