Access for visitors with mobility difficulties

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The Arts Tower car park is barrier-controlled during the day on weekdays. If a car park warden is not available when you arrive, please press the intercom buzzer and security services staff will raise the barrier for you.

Any blue badge holder is allowed to park in the Arts Tower car park at any time. Taxis carrying a disabled visitor are also allowed into the Arts Tower car park.

Access to The Library

During staffed hours, there is one entrance to Western Bank Library on the Mezzanine level, via the bridge from the Arts Tower. The doors from the Arts Tower are manually operated. You can find details of staffed and self-service hours at Western Bank Library opening hours.

A platform lift is available for anyone unable to access the 5 steps from level M up to level 4. Please remember to keep your finger on the button, until the lift has reached its destination and the lock on the door is released. Please note: there is no button to call the platform lift down to level M, but if it has carried someone to level 4, it returns automatically to level M after a few minutes.

Customers with mobility difficulties who do not have swipe card access and wish to enter at level G may be escorted to the lift by a porter. If there is no one in the PorterĀ“s Lodge when you arrive, please use the telephone on the counter to request assistance. When you wish to leave, please ask a member of Library staff to assist you.

For further information about accessing Western Bank Library, please visit: Access and evacuation: Western Bank Library