Engineered by US.

An exhibition by the University of Sheffield’s Faculty of Engineering in the Western Bank Library Exhibition Gallery.

As well as manufacturing, the exhibition showcases other areas of engineering, including sustainability and energy, biomedical engineering and learning from failure.

Examine a cross-section of a jet turbine disk, manufactured by the University´s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre with Boeing. By using high-performance machining, and reducing manual intervention, the production time has been halved.

Section of fan disk

Sustainability and Energy
Have a go at generating microbubbles – tiny air bubbles which have led to a step change in energy efficiency.

Biomedical Engineering
Listen to personalized synthetic voices, which can be created for individual people who will lose their own voice due to illness or operation.

Learning from failure
See how research carried out by academics at the University of Sheffield has helped to prevent the Millennium Bridge from swaying.