MarvelosaMarvelosa: Art inspired by the National Fairground Archive

10th September 2014 – 8th January 2015

Since its inception in 1994, the NFA has attracted the attention and support of artists who have used our collections as inspiration for their own work.

In this our twentieth anniversary year it seemed fitting to commission new works of art inspired by the collections. We approached five prominent artists, Anthony Bennett, Mark Copeland in partnership with Sarah Munro, Paul Evans, Florence Blanchard and Pete McKee, to create these new works. Each artist was paired with a part of the Archive that reflects the rich heritage of the popular entertainment world we preserve.

In addition to the five new commissions, we have acquired the work of internationally renowned artist Zoe Beloff. Zoe requested that her work be shown here in Sheffield during our twentieth anniversary year.
Welcome to Marvelosa—a world of carnival, fantasy and make-believe. Enjoy.
Professor Vanessa Toulmin
Director of the National Fairground Archive.

Zoe Beloff
Mark Copeland & Sarah Munro
Florence Blanchard
Anthony Bennett
Paul Evans
Pete McKee