Audio Notetaker

Guidance on accessing, installing and using Audio Notetaker.


What does Audio Notetaker do?

Audio Notetaker supports note-taking in lectures and group meetings. It can also be helpful to use whilst doing group work or brainstorming sessions.

The software breaks the note-taking process into steps to help you take accurate and comprehensive notes. You can record or import audio to upload as well as slides, images and text notes.

Accessing Audio Notetaker

Audio Notetaker is available in Assistive Technology Room 1.25 on the first floor of the Information Commons.

  • Click on the Start button and select Software Center. Alternatively, click on the Software Center icon on the desktop.
  • A list of available software will appear. This may take several minutes, and you may see the message 'No items found'.
  • When the list appears, click on Audio Notetaker. If it isn’t listed, press the F5 key to refresh.
  • Click on Install at the bottom right of the screen. The status column shows you the progress of the download.
  • When the installation is complete, minimise or close Software Center and click on Start > All Programs > Audio Notetaker.

Get help

See the video tutorial available on YouTube.

More information is available on the Audio Notetaker website.

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