Information about Zoomtext and how to use it.



ZoomText magnifier/reader was designed for use by people with visual impairment. It can enlarge, enhance and read aloud what is on the computer screen.

It has a range of magnification levels up to 36 times the original size, and you can select which colours are used on the screen.

When documents are read to you, each word is highlighted as it is spoken. You can choose from a variety of speech synthesisers, while echo settings allow you to fine-tune the amount of information spoken.

Accessing ZoomText

ZoomText is available in the following rooms:

  • Information Commons - Level 1: Rooms 1.25, 1.24 and PC 1061,
  • Western Bank - Level 4 PC 11,
  • Diamond - Fourth Floor in the Library Reference Collection on the PC next to the Text Enlarger Workstation,
  • Health Sciences Library, Royal Hallamshire Hospital: PC 28.

Logging on to ZoomText

  • Log in to the PC listed above
  • Either click on the ZoomText 10 icon on the PC desktop or from the Start menu at the bottom of the PC screen, select All Programs > ZoomText 10 > ZoomText 10

The ZoomText user interface will appear. This contains all the controls for operating the software.

You may be presented with a pop-up box which says "Windows font smoothing settings have changed". If you click Yes, the PC will close down. Simply log in again.

Getting help with Zoomtext

Please see this YouTube Video tutorial and user guides (PDF, 3.4MB) are available for help with Zoomtext.
Can also access help guides from the Zoomtext toolbar and Zoomtext videos from the Start menu.

Using ZoomText

Either click on the ZoomText button on the user interface to activate or deactivate the software. Alternatively use hotkey Alt Insert to activate ZoomText and Alt + Delete to deactivate it

To display the user interface at any point, use Ctrl + Shift + U

There are various hotkeys, i.e. key combinations, which allow you to execute ZoomText commands while another program is active.

To exit the ZoomText features, press Esc or right-click the mouse.

Further help with ZoomText

Please refer to:

  • The online Help system. Either select Help from the ZoomText menu bar and then ZoomText Help or from the Start menu at the bottom of the screen, select All Programs > ZoomText 10 > ZoomText Help
  • The ZoomText videos. Either click on the ZoomText Videos icon on the PC desktop or from the Start menu at the bottom of the screen, select All Programs > ZoomText 10 > ZoomText Videos

Further information and comments

If you would like further information or wish to comment on any aspect of the service, please contact us, or call us on (0114) 222-7204.

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