Ghosted Ground: an exhibition by Joanna Whittle

Ghosted Ground is an exciting new exhibition from award winning landscape artist Joanna Whittle in the exhibitions space in Western Bank Library from 24th July until 10th December 2023.

Ghosted Ground exhibition flyer with dates

The exhibition is the result of an Arts Council England funded project, during which Joanna studied collections from the University and Sheffield’s National Fairground and Circus Archive and worked with people from the fairground, circus and other community groups to inspire and create new work.

In the exhibition Joanna explores otherness and un-connectedness whilst uncovering human themes of mourning, love and movement across the landscape. These landscapes are central to the stories being told on the movement of people and the traces they leave behind, where the landscape becomes haunted by their absence, a ghosted ground of echoes. 

Watch an introduction to the exhibition given by Joanna Whittle

Ghosted Ground exhibition

Joanna Whittle is a painter who works directly with landscape and archival sources and collections. She is a member of the Contemporary British Painting Society and shows work extensively nationally and internationally. Joanna is strongly committed to research, collaboration and engagement. Her landscape paintings consider fragility and transience in the landscape through small-scale paintings of fairground architecture and circus tents which create makeshift and unsettled worlds. Here temporary structures sit secretly in empty landscapes with lights gleaming under grey skies in these spaces of silence, where the entertainment exists only as a temporary segment of these worlds before they sink back into quietness.

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