Heritage textile to be installed back into Western Bank Library

The Graduation textile heritage artwork was reinstalled in Western Bank Library Thursday 6th April 2023.

Graduation by Diana Springall - Western Bank Library 1988
Graduation by Diana Springall in Western Bank Library, 1988

Thursday 6th April 2023:

Graduation by Diana Springall is a large embroidered textile artwork which was removed from the back wall of the Cataloguing Hall in Western Bank Library in 2021 to  repair, conserve and replace the worn plastics. Commissioned in 1987 by the University Convocation, Graduation has been a main feature of the library since its installation in 1988. 

The textile panels have been cleaned and conserved and new plastic (PETg) has been acquired which has restored the artwork back to its former glory.

A display about the commission including archives and items from the University Heritage Collection will be available on level 5. The display will also include the display of the Festival of the Mind artwork created by local artist Anthony Bennett using the waste 1mm PVC plastic removed from the artwork and repurposed into a new artwork called Kunststoff: The Material of Art.

Anthony Bennett FOTM
Anthony Bennett with Kunststoff

For more information about Kunststoff: The Material of Art and Festival of the Mind 2022, please click here

Heritage Project Films

Heritage project films following the removal and restoration of Graduation can be viewed below: 

Graduation by Diana Springall - Heritage film#1
Graduation by Diana Springall - Heritage film#2

For more information about the University Heritage Collections, please click here