Research Funder Policy Summaries

Many research funders in the UK have policies on the management and sharing of research
data. While policies vary, they generally include the following requirements:

● Write a data management plan (DMP), usually on application
● Look after your data appropriately during the research
● Preserve and share your data as widely as permitted
● Include a data availability statement in publications (required for UKRI funders)

DMP templates for individual funders can be accessed via DMPonline. Further guidance and examples are available from the Digital Curation Centre (DCC). Annotated templates are also available from the University of Sheffield via figshare.

The UKRI funders share common principles on research data, but you should check your
individual funder’s website for current information and guidance on data management
requirements. Find links to these, and policy summaries provided by the DCC, below:


DMP required on application

AHRC research funding guide (including data management plan guidance)

Policy summary (DCC)


DMP required on application

BBSRC data sharing policy

Policy summary (DCC)


DMP expected

ESPRC research data expectations

Policy summary (DCC)


DMP required on application

ESRC research data policy

UK Data Service guidance

Policy summary (DCC)


DMP required on application

MRC data sharing policy

Policy summary (DCC)


DMP required on application

NERC data policy

NERC data management planning

Policy summary (DCC)


DMP required on application

STFC data management plan

Policy summary (DCC)


Outputs management plan may be required on application

Wellcome data management and sharing policy

Wellcome outputs management plan

Policy summary (DCC)


DMP required on application

CRUK data sharing and preservation strategy

CRUK data sharing guidelines

Practical guidance for researchers on writing data sharing plans

Policy summary (DCC)


DMP required within 6 months of project start

Horizon 2020 guidelines on open access to research data

Horizon 2020 guidelines on FAIR data management

Policy summary (DCC)

Other funders


DMP required
NIHR position on the sharing of research data

Royal Society

DMP may be required on application
Royal Society: Open data policy
Royal Society research grants scheme


DMP requested
BCN project grant application guidelines

Parkinson’s UK
DMP required on application
Parkinson’s UK data management and sharing

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