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A two-day programme of talks, panel discussions and project showcases, OpenFest 2022 provided an opportunity for University of Sheffield researchers and information/software professionals to explore a range of issues around open research, including OA monograph publishing, Open Educational Resources, FAIR data and software, open qualitative research and software licensing.

The programme from the event can be found here.

Talks from those sessions that were recorded and presentation slides can be found on the links below:

Day 1

Keynote 1: Dr Jessica Butler (University of Aberdeen): Organising Ourselves for World Domination: How Academics can Work Together to Improve Research Culture

Open Research in Practice (1)

  • Jacob MacDonald (Urban Studies): The Open Research Project Lifecycle
  • Matthew Hanchard (Sociological Studies): Models of Data Deposition

Open Research Contexts

  • Emily Nunn (University Library), Open Access to Health and Education Research outside Academia
  • Jamie McGlaughlin (Digital Humanities Institute): It Is Happening Again: Do we keep Building the Same Digital Humanities Website?

Unleashing Research Data & Software Project Showcase (1)

  • Michael Pidd (Digital Humanities Institute) - 3D Polygon Models of five Cistercian Abbeys in Yorkshire
  • Joao Duro (ACSE) - SIPHER Project: Open-Source Release of the Decision Support Tool

Open Educational Resources Toolkit Launch: Helen Moore (University Library) and David Curtis (University of York)

Day 2

Keynote 2: Dr Demmy Verbeke (KU Leuven)Moving Beyond Lip Service

Open Research Experiences - TUoS researchers discuss their own experiences around open research

  • Stephen Allen (Management School): Publishing an Open Access Monograph
  • Andrea Paterlini (Biosciences): Microscopy Af-FAIR-s: The Power of Existing Datasets
  • Daniele Tartarini (Computer Science), Enhancing Reproducibility of Biomedical Applications using Virtualisation 

Licensing Your Code for Better Impact - Kate O’Neill (University Library) and Robert Turner (Research Software Engineering) 

Unleashing Research Data & Software Project Showcase (2)

  • Monika Fratczak (Sociological Studies) - Living With Data Dataset
  • Sylvia Whittle (Materials Science & Engineering) - TopoStats Software for Microscopic Data 
  • Eleanor Hyde (Psychology) - Tatool-Web Support and Interface for Experimental Code 
  • Joanna Sutton-Klein (ScHARR) - CUREd Database - Aggregated Emergency Department Attendance Data

Open Research in Practice (2)

  • Joe Heffer (IT Services): Research Data Management: A Software and Technology Perspective
  • David Wilby (Research Software Engineering): Making MATLAB Projects Reproducible and Shareable

Open Research Futures

  • Adam Partridge (Open Research Training Lead), Get Involved! Open Research Communities at the University of Sheffield
  • Zuzanna Zagrodzka (Biosciences / RoRi - Research on Research Institute): Accelerating the Open Research Agenda to Solve Global Challenges
  • Jenni Adams and Rosie Higman (University Library), Developing Discipline-Specific Guidance on Making Research Data and Software FAIR

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