Requesting items

You can request any item that is not for reference use only in the Library. Your item will then be delivered to the site of your choice for collection.

How to make a request

To place a request, you need to be logged into StarPlus. University members of staff and current students can do this by logging into MUSE and clicking on " StarPlus –Library Catalogue";  NHS or external members should click on the 'non-University members' link and then input their library barcode number and password

  1. Find the item you want in StarPlus
  2. Click on 'Get it'. From this screen you can see where the book is located and whether there are any copies not on loan. If there is a copy on the shelves, it is quicker to go and look for it rather than make a request (other customers will be able to borrow any item found on the shelves even if there is already a request on it)
  3. Click on 'Request'
  4. Choose your pick up location. You can choose to pick up the request from any library site
  5. Click on 'Request'

You cannot request items that are listed as 'received', 'on order' or 'in processing'. Please contact the library if you require an item with this status.  Please remember that you may have to wait longer to receive these items.

In addition, you cannot request material if there is a problem with your UCard (e.g. if your account has been frozen) or if you have already requested the item, or if you currently have the item on loan.

What happens next?

If the item you require is on loan for more than two weeks, the current borrower is sent a recall notice asking for it to be returned by a revised date. Items due back within two weeks will be due for return on the original due date but the current borrower will be unable to renew the item.
If the item is not on loan when the request is submitted, library staff will regularly check the shelves.
In a small number of cases, items are not found and you will be advised of alternative solutions.

Checking the progress of requests

You can check the progress of your request in the following way;

  • Log in to StarPlus
  • Click on 'myLibrary Account'
  • Click on 'Requests' from the facet box on the left of the screen

Collecting requests

When the Library has obtained the item, a letter will be sent to you stating the last day on which the item will be kept for you. Please check your email regularly as the item will be reshelved if you fail to collect by the date on your notification letter.

Items in heavy demand are frequently requested by more than one customer.  In this case, it may be possible that the item is issued for a shorter period and renewals are not possible.

If the date for collection is missed and another borrower requires the item, you will have to re-request it and rejoin the queue. If you know that you will have problems in picking up the item by the date on the email then please contact the library either by phone on 0114 2227200 or email and we will keep it for you for a longer period as long as no one else needs it.  To collect requests from your 'pick up location', please go to:

  • Western Bank Library - Information Desk Level 5
  • Information Commons - Self-service area on Level 0
  • The Diamond - Mindsphere area on the ground floor
  • Health Sciences Library, Royal Hallamshire Hospital - Information Desk
  • Health Sciences Library, Northern General Hospital - Information Desk

Cancelling requests

If you no longer require an item you have requested, please inform the library as soon as possible so that it can be borrowed by others.  You can cancel a request by:

  • Logging in to StarPlus, choosing 'myLibrary Account', and clicking on the 'Cancel' link to the right of the title(s) you wish to cancel
  • Inform the library in person or by email (
  • If you have been informed that the item you requested is ready for collection, you can cancel it by replying to the email with the word 'Cancel'