Special collections A - E

Action Space Extended
Allan Collection
Allan Recordings
Antcliffe Manuscripts
Archives of Cultural Tradition (formerly NATCECT)
Archives of Cultural Tradition Miscellaneous Manuscripts
Atkinson Slide Collection

Bach Concordance and Cyclopaedia
Barque, Crater, Face, Gargoyle, and West House Presses
Bartolomé Papers
Dave Bathe Collection of Derbyshire Traditional Dance and Drama
Batley, Morley and Ossett Labour Party Manuscripts
The Oliver Beckerlegge Bible Collection 
John Beckett Collection
Sir Thomas Beecham Music Library
Beet Lantern Slide Collection
Howard Biggs Papers
Birks Drawings
Blackshirt Collection
Blackshirts in Kingston Project
Madeleine Blaess Documents
Richard Blakeborough and John Fairfax-Blakeborough Yorkshire Folklore Collection
Blunkett Archives
Bonett Manuscripts
Boorstin Collection
Botany Wall Charts Collection
Bownas Recordings
Bradley Documents
Britain and the Refugee Crisis Collection
British Coke Research Association Archive
British Orienteering Federation Archive
British Union Collection
Rudmose Brown Collection
Buchan Theatre Programmes
Geoffrey Bullough Collection
Burke-Haviland Family Documents
Burley Manuscripts

The Ruth and Ken Campbell Collection
William Carr Collection
Carver Papers
Catalan Collection
CECTAL Collections (now Archives of Cultural Tradition)
Changing Identities: Eastern Europeans in Bradford since 1945
Chapman Manuscripts
Chinese Cultural Revolution Pamphlet Collection
Circle Press Collection
Clapham Papers
Coal Mining Papers
Convocation Collection
Cooper Collection
Cousin Manuscripts
Crater Press
Crowther Manuscripts
Curtis Collection

Dainton Collection
Dainton Papers
Literary remains of the writer Arthur Eaglestone aka Roger Dataller
Daykin Drawings
Robert Dearling Archive
Defence Regulation 18B Research Papers
Desch Manuscripts
Devey Collection
Dewhurst Papers
Dilks Papers

Literary remains of the writer Arthur Eaglestone aka Roger Dataller
East End Newspaper Reports
Ebling Papers
Economic League Collection
ed.it Archive
Education Historical Collection
Eggleston Notebooks
Elliott Manuscripts
Elliott Dodds Manuscripts
Elmfield Collection
Empson Documents
Erickson Manuscripts
Eshelby Collection
Eshelby Manuscripts
European Union Nursing Documents