Special collections F - K

Face Press
Fascism in Europe Collection
Fascism in Great Britain Collection
Fearnsides Collection
Feickert Documents
Fighting Cock Press/Pennine Poets Archive
Film Festivals Collection
Finch Manuscripts
Firth Ballads
Elizabeth Firth Manuscripts
Flett Manuscripts
Geoffrey Ford Librarianship Collection
Freer Documents
French Wartime Newspapers

Gamblin Papers
Gell Documents
Glyn Documents
Stuart Golland Papers
Grayson East Asia Slide Collection
Grayson Papers
J.L.A. Grout Archive

Hadow Manuscripts
Tom Hague Papers
Haigh Manuscripts
Hall Manuscripts
Halley Maritime Collection
Hamer Manuscripts
Royden Harrison Positivism Collection
Hartlib Papers
Alex Helm Indexes
Hems Notebooks
Lydia Henry Documents
Hewins Ballads
Hewins Manuscripts
Hillsborough Socialist Workers Party Documents
Hines Papers
Richard Hoggart Collection
Richard Hoggart Papers
Holocaust Collection
Nick Howard Papers
Hudleston Collection
Hudson Collection of Early Sheffield Playbills
Betty Hunt Papers

Incunabula and Early Manuscripts
IFSBAC Collection (Institute for Folklore Studies in Britain and Canada)
Innes Smith Collection
Innes Smith Medical Portraits
Innes Smith Personal Papers
[Institute of] Education Historical Collection

Joyce Manuscripts

Kay Manuscripts
Kennedy Collection
Kennedy Papers
The Ian Kershaw Archive
The Ian Kershaw Collection
The Ron & Willow King Collection of Ian Tyson Editions and Artwork
Klugmann Collection
Knoop Far East Photographic Collection
Krebs Collection
Krebs Institute for Biomolecular Research Papers
Krebs Papers