Special collections L - R

Laing Manuscripts
Left Book Club Collection
Left Pamphlet Collection
Linstead Manuscripts
Lipman Papers
Little Magazines Collection
Lloyd and Lismer Illustrations
Lord Manuscripts
Catherine Lovett Archive
Lunn Papers
Luxembourg Collection

Mackerness Papers
Madin Collection
Mainland Personalia
Map of Sheffield
Arthur Markham Memorial Prize Essays
Maude Papers
Mendelson Collection
Miller Pamphlets
Miller Papers
The James Montgomery and Sheffield Sunday School Union Archive
Montgomery Manuscripts
Moore Smith Manuscripts
Morris Papers
Morris Ring Folk Play Archive (Ron Shuttleworth Collection)
Mundella Cartoons
Mundella Papers

National Centre for English Culture and Tradition, NATCECT (now Archives of Cultural Tradition)
National Play Collection
National Union of Mineworkers Energy Research Archive
National Union of Mineworkers (Yorkshire) Minutes
Newby Collection
Leslie F. Newman Collection
Nidditch Manuscripts
Charlotte Norman Derbyshire well-dressing collection
Norwood Papers

O'Kill Papers

Palliative Care Oral History Project
Parish Libraries Collection
Pennine Poets Archive/Fighting Cock Press
People's College, Sheffield, Archive
Perkins Manuscripts
Peroni Scrapbooks
Pierce Manuscripts
Alfred Plummer Travel Diaries
Potter Manuscripts
Private Presses Collection
Protest Collection
Pugh Papers


Radio Luxembourg Archive
Rare Book Collection
Reaney Manuscripts
Redgrove Collection
Redgrove Papers
Reminiscence Project Archive
Sir Gareth Roberts Papers
Jack Ronder Scripts
Roper Papers
Jack Rosenthal Drama Scripts Collection
Rotherham Mileposts Collection
Royal Commission on the National Health Service Archive