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A selection of resources to help you develop your skills in finding information. Learn how to find the most relevant and academically credible information for your needs.

Using StarPlus (video – 04:30)

Know your information sources (online tutorial / view as PDF)

Search planning (video – 03:35)

Using Google Scholar (video – 02:40)


Working with the information you discover to find meaning and apply context is key to producing the best work you can. The tutorials below will help you to do this.

Developing your ideas with mind mapping (video – 04:08)

Note taking (tutorial / view as PDF)


Your work will benefit from using the best evidence and information available. The tutorials below will help you to analyse, evaluate, interpret and think critically about information.

What is critical thinking and why is it important? (video – 01:33)

Questioning and evaluating information worksheet (PDF)

The Fake News Game (online tutorial / view as PDF)


Referencing is an important part of academic work, enabling you to acknowledge the work of others and avoid plagiarism. The tutorials below will help you to understand why this is important and how to accurately attribute sources.

Plagiarism and referencing (online tutorial / view as PDF)

Harvard referencing guide


Whatever work you produce, the process of creating enables you to blend ideas and produce new knowledge. The tutorial below will help you to write for your academic work.

Academic writing (online tutorial / view as PDF)


Effective dissemination will enable you to summarise and share your work and ideas. The tutorial below will help you to communicate effectively through presentations.

Presentations: plan, create and deliver (tutorial / view as PDF)

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