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Welcome to the Pre-entry Research Skills and Critical Thinking Tutorials from the University of Sheffield Library. These tutorials, videos and guides will support you in your work at school or college and in your transition to university level study and employment.

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The information you use to inform your work at school, college or university is very important. The tutorials below will help you to navigate the information available and discover the most relevant and academically credible information for your needs.

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Working with the information you discover to find meaning and apply context is key to producing the best work you can. The tutorials below will help you to do this.

Pre-entry questioning section title

Your work will benefit from using the best evidence and information available. The tutorials below will help you to analyse, evaluate, interpret and think critically about information.

Pre-entry referencing section title

Referencing is an important part of academic work, enabling you to acknowledge the work of others and avoid plagiarism. The tutorials below will help you to understand why this is important and how to accurately attribute sources.

Pre-entry creating section title

Whatever work you produce, the process of creating enables you to blend ideas and produce new knowledge. The tutorial below will help you to write for your academic work.

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Effective dissemination will enable you to summarise and share your work and ideas. The tutorial below will help you to communicate effectively through presentations.

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