FoS Mass Spectrometry voucher competition winners 2018

Congratulations to Bartlomiej and Erika! Each of them won a Mass Spectrometry Voucher of £5000. The competition was part of the Open Day 2018.

FoS MassSpec Open Day 2018 voucher winners

Congratulations to Dr Bartlomiej Salamaga (pictured left, Mesnage lab, MBB) and Erika Hansson (pictured right, Beckerman lab, APS) for winning Mass Spectrometry vouchers (£5,000 of instrument time) at the Faculty of Science Mass Spectrometry Open Day held on the 25th of May. The scheme is designed to fund small pump priming projects, that have potential to develop new areas of research. Bartlomiej will use this funding to characterise a novel gene involved in protein cell surface display in Enterococcus faecalis and Erika will investigate herbicide resistance evolution in a green alga.

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