Fairground Architecture 50 Years On

Fairground Architecture by David Braithwaite

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of David Braithwaite’s influential publication ‘Fairground Architecture’, Dr. Stephen Walker will be giving a talk to discuss the significance of this work and its contribution to the subject.

As well as contextualising the publication, Dr. Walker will be looking at some of the ways in which this book should be understood as a product of its time. Drawing on his own RIBA funded research project ‘Understanding the Architecture of the Travelling Street Fair’, Dr. Walker will be discussing the reflections on architectural practice and education in the 1960’s which this seminal piece evokes.

What would the flavour and focus of this study be if it was undertaken in 2018? Dr. Walker will open up discussions around this question, with a focus on the work of Braithwaite and the important aspects of Fairground Architecture which have developed beyond this.

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