As part of the Archive's celebrations of 250 years of circus history, we have been working with Artfelt, the Sheffield Children's Hospital Charity on a collaborative exhibition.

Artfelt's ethos is to contribute to the recovery of the hospital's patients through art. They transform the hospital’s walls and spaces with bright art, helping children recover in an environment tailored to them. The programme also puts on workshops for youngsters to provide distraction during anxious moments and to break up long stays on the wards.

Artfelt funds things which the NHS does not cover. The money raised through donations helps fund life-saving equipment, vital research and treatment for thousands of children from across the world and helps create a comfortable and engaging environment for the hospital's patients.

From Philip Astley to Bertram Mills. This exhibition showcases posters from some of the most significant collections at the Archive; including Gerry Cottle, The Circus Friends Association and the Smart Family Collection.

This exhibition looks at providing a respite to children and families at the hospital as well as its fantastic staff. The exhibition explores three themes ‘Amazing People’, ‘Circus Around the World’ and ‘Circus Families’ and gives an overview of circus history, tradition and life.

The exhibition will run between April and October 2018 and will be accompanied by a programme of events and workshops organised by Artfelt.

The exhibition opening on Wednesday 25th April will be part of the opening of the hospital's brand new ward.

Circus 250 is part of a UK-wide celebration of 250 years of circus history in 2018.

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