Research and Reproduction Services

Research Provision and Charges

Visiting the NFCA Reading Room is free. If staff are required to perform research on your behalf, a standard charge of £30.00 plus VAT per half hour (or part of) applies.

A brief complementary search can be provided to give new enquirers preliminary guidance into the collections. This free service only applies to self-contained enquiries and cannot be linked to the charge specified above in any way.

Additional provision of copies and/or scans of material is subject to the charges specified below.

World’s Fair Newspaper Research Guidelines

If you require a member of staff to carry out research into the World's Fair newspaper on your behalf, the following time estimations apply:

  • Research into pre 1950 papers is estimated at 3 hours of staff time per year
  • Research into papers between 1950 and 1970 is estimated at 2 hours of staff time per year
  • Research into papers post 1970 are estimated at 1 hour of staff time per year

Reproduction Services and Charges

Copies of collection items may be supplied depending on copyright law and the completion of a copyright licence.

Supplying images and agreeing rights are charged on a sliding scale based upon the nature of the use:

Category A - Academic research and heritage and cultural partnership projects contributing to the NFCA through the promotion, divulgation and development of the collections and the Archive, and which contribute to reaching new audiences and raising the profile of the NFCA. Up to 5 images free, then £10.00 per image plus VAT.
Category B - Other non-for-profit academic research, personal use and heritage and cultural projects £10.00 per image plus VAT.
Category C - Full financial payment for any commercial project including public broadcasts of £100.00 per image plus VAT for up to 5 images, after the first 5 images £50.00 per image plus VAT.

A single £10 plus VAT administration fee is charged to cover each complete transaction.

If an item has to be re-scanned at a higher resolution than we currently hold, a charge of £30.00 plus VAT per item applies.

Film Reproductions

The supplying of copies of film collections is charge at £12.00 per second plus VAT for UK distribution or £16.00 per second for worldwide distribution, minimum use 25 seconds applies to both charges. Additionally, we can supply frames or stills at £100 per image for world right (world distribution, in any media, in perpertuity).


Please contact us to discuss your requirements and confirm charges.

Payment for services and materials is required in advance and can be completed via the 'Research & Service Fees' section of our online store. Alternatively, credit/debit card may be accepted in exceptional circumstances to pay over the telephone, or we can accept cheques (made payable to the 'University of Sheffield').