Arnold Brothers

Travelling from Southampton and onto the Isle of Wight, Arnold Brothers exhibited the Electric Bioscope and Theatre of Varieties. One early anecdote about the show was told by Mrs Arnold, who recalled the first time they opened the show on a Sunday. In 1908 the family exhibited the show on a fairground in Somerset, presumably showing religious films due to the restrictions regarding performances on a Sunday having to be of a religious nature. However disaster soon struck: a great storm blew up and half demolished the show-booth and the family believed that it was divine retribution for breaking the sabbath.

According to Michael Lane in Burrell Showmen's Road Locomotives, Burrell (2126) "Showman" was acquired from Crowthers of Nottingham in 1910 for Professor Arnold's Electric Bioscope and Theatre of Variety. The organ which was used on the show was a five figure trumpet barrel, and was placed on the left of the show. According to Father Greville in the Merry-Go-Round, its place was taken later by an 89 key Marenghi. This organ was later used on the grounds and was often found just standing on its truck in the line of stalls. It is now preserved by George Milligan in Norfolk. By 1914 the family had stop exhibiting the show and it was presumably broken up or sold in parts.

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