Current Reading Groups

Reading groups are regularly formed in response to the specific research interests and needs of both staff and postgraduate students.

Autumn 2017-18 Reading Groups



Philosophy of Race Wednesdays 11am Nadia Mehdi
Feminism Wednesdays 12 noon Jenny Saul
Philosophy of Language TBC Patrick Connolly
German Idealism Thursdays 2pm David Strohmaier
Raz, Practical Reason and Normativity TBC Yonatan Shemmer
Continental Philosophy TBC Will Hornett
Philosophy of Mind TBC Andrea Blomqvist
Metaphysics Mondays 4pm Will Morgan
Metaethics Mondays 1pm Lewis Brooks
Philosophy of Science Fortnightly from 17 October Tuesday 3pm Isela Gonzalez Vazquez
Decision Making: Formal and Psychological Approaches Fortnightly from 23 October Mondays 6pm David Strohmaier