Build your own prospectus: myProspectus

Save time and effort

We offer over 370 courses for undergraduate students, covering a wide range of subjects. Sometimes the number of options can seem overwhelming.

To help narrow down your choices, use myProspectus to build a list of the courses and topics that interest you.

How it works

Add to my Prospectus

As you browse through our online prospectus, you'll see a red heart button at the top of each course page labelled 'add to myProspectus':

Each time you find a course that interests you, tap or click the heart and the course will be added to your personal prospectus.

Remove from my Prospectus

The heart will then change colour to white and will have 'remove from myProspectus' text next to it.

There is also be some text above the button that reads 'myProspectus contains 1 course', confirming the course has been added to myProspectus.

Checking which courses you've added

Once you've added at least one course to your prospectus, click or tap on any 'myProspectus' link and you'll be taken to a list of the courses you've added so far.

The University of Sheffield prospectus cover

Send, print or save

Once you've created your list of courses and topics, you can o:

  • send your prospectus to any email address you choose, or
  • create a PDF document that you can print or save on your computer to go back to later.

Once you've clicked on one of the buttons, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

You can start right now

You can start building your personal prospectus as soon as you find a course that interests you.

If you don't want to lose your list, remember to email, print or save it when you've finished browsing.

Start right now by finding courses and adding them to myProspectus