Data Science: Large Language Models: How does ChatGPT work anyway?

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Monday 13 May 2024
4 to 5.15pm


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Ever wondered how ChatGPT works, or what it has in common with Netflix and Spotify? Come along to this taster session from the Information School and find out how large language models work and where they come from.

Large Language Models: How does ChatGPT work anyway?

You’ve probably used ChatGPT or other large language models, but do you know how they work?

Come to this taster session to find out how the fundamentals of data science affect how chatbots and large language models respond to you, and the surprising reasons why ChatGPT is more like Netflix than it is like Microsoft Word.

In the session, we will explore the core ideas behind large language models, using working examples from real data, and discuss the complex social processes that affect what you see and how large language models are produced.

The session will be led by Dr Denis Newman-Griffis, an expert in natural language processing and responsible AI, and the current coordinator of the Information School’s BSc in Data Science.

This session is suitable for students in years 12 and 13.


Please note that this is an approximate schedule and is therefore subject to change.

  • 4pm: Log in and get comfortable
  • 4.05pm: Introduction to the Information School
  • 4.15pm: Interactive taster session
  • 4.55pm: Question and answer session with student ambassadors

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