City Church (Independent)

City Church is a family of all ages and backgrounds, with a passion for Jesus. We believe the Bible is the highest authority, and in the work of the Holy Spirit in our everyday lives. You're so welcome to be part of our big family!


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Our YouTube channel and online meetings can be accessed here.

We meet at 10.30am on Sundays.

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  • Phone:  +44 7913 109283
  • Address: Jubilee Centre, Wilson Road, Sheffield, S11 8RN

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Inclusivity questions

We have attempted to reflect accurately this church's responses. Phrases in quotation marks are exact quotations.

  • What is your policy on gender roles/equality in leadership? "Men and women are considered equal but different. Women hold a variety of leadership roles but male-only eldership is upheld."
  • What is your policy on same-sex relationships, especially with regard to leadership? City Church says, "No-one is excluded from our church and all are welcome." They say that they hold a traditional view of same-sex relationships, but that "this is handled in a loving and supportive context."
  • What provision do you have for people with specific accessibility needs? "Our church welcomes everyone. A wide variety of provision is made available for people with a variety of disabilities. Anyone, with any disabilities or illnesses, coming to our church would be made equally welcome and appropriate provision made if it is not already in place."

My time at City Church was life changing - I met people from all over the world, and I became part of a lovely family. I was amazed by everyone’s passion for Jesus and its balance of word and spirit.


City Church attendee

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