Relevant university policies

View and/or download University policies related to Copyright here.


Copyright Infringement Policy

Owner: IT services


Report Copyright Infringement

Owner: IT services

A form to use to notify the University of material which is believed to be infringing of copyright.


IT Code of Practice

Owner: IT services

The aim of these regulations is to help ensure that University of Sheffield IT facilities can be used safely, lawfully and equitably.


Guidance note for academics on the use of teaching materials

Copyright guidance for academics in the context of lecture capture.

Download (PDF, 39kB)

Research Publications and Copyright Policy

Guidance on how University of Sheffield researchers can make their research open access.


Regulation XXIII: Regulations relating to Intellectual Property

Regulation relating to student intellectual property - ownership and use - for taught course and research students

Download (PDF, 64kB)

Financial Regulations Supplementary Information SIA 11

Owner: Department of Finance

Regulation relating to staff intellectual property - ownership and use

Download (PDF, 131kB)

Terms and conditions of service for Grades 1 to 9

Owner: Human Resources

Download (PDF, 95kB)

Extract from policy on good research and innovation practices: Good research and innovation practices in managing research data

Owner: Research Services

Download (PDF, 78kB)

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