Maria Gil-MoltoMaria Gil-Molto

Senior Lecturer in Economics

Room 512
9 Mappin Street
S1 4DT, UK

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Maria studied for a PhD in the Universitat Jaume I (Castello, Spain). As part of her PhD studies, she was an academic visitor at the European University Institute (Florence, Italy) and the University of St Andrews (UK). Before joining the University of Sheffield as Senior Lecturer in September 2013, she was a lecturer at the University of Leicester and Loughborough University. Maria has also been a teaching fellow at the University of St Andrews.

She is a fellow of the Higher Education Academy and is currently Director of Learning and Teaching in our department.


Maria currently teaches Game Theory for Economists and Industrial Organisation. Game Theory is the study of decision problems which involve more than one agent. Given the prevalence of such problems in Economics, Game Theory has become a very important methodological tool in many fields, including Industrial Organisation, Political Economy or International Trade. Industrial Organisation focuses on how the structure and other characteristics of each industry affect the equilibrium outcomes observed in the market (prices, level of innovation, and so on). It is an area of Economics which informs industrial and competition policy, as well as business decisions.

Maria's approach to teaching is research-based and student-oriented. She uses real-world applications to highlight the relevance of the different topics covered in her modules. She is committed to innovations in teaching, wherever this is beneficial to students.

Research summary

Maria's research interests are within the field of Microeconomics, and in particular Industrial Organisation. In her most recent projects she has been working on topics related to the environment, introducing theories and concepts typical of Industrial Organisation into Environmental Economics. She has also worked on topics related to innovation, competition policy and mixed markets (where public and private firms co-exist). She is interested in supervising research students in the area of Industrial Organisation, mostly from a theoretical perspective.

Selected publications since 2008

'Green trade unions. Structure, wages and environmental technology' (with E. Asproudis), Environmental and Resource Economics, forthcoming 2014

‘Endogenous Market Structure, Occupational Choice, and Growth Cycles’ (joint with D. Varvarigos), Macroeconomic Dynamics, forthcoming 2014

‘Pollution and environmentalists' participation in Emissions Trading Systems’ (with I. Asproudis), Strategic Behavior and the Environment, forthcoming 2014

'Emission Taxes and the Adoption of Cleaner Technologies. The Case of Environmentally Conscious Consumers' (with D Varvarigos), 2013, Resource and Energy Economics, 35, pp. 486-504

'R&D Subsidies, Spillovers and Privatization in Mixed Markets' (with J Poyago-Theotoky and V Zikos), 2011, Southern Economic Journal, 78(1), pp. 233-55

'Economic Aspects of the European Microsoft Case', in Rubini, L (ed.), Microsoft on Trial: Legal and Economic Analysis of a Transatlantic Antitrust Case, 2010, Elgar

'Flexible vs Dedicated Technology Adoption in the Presence of a Public Firm' (with J Poyago-Theotoky), 2008, Southern Economic Journal, 74(4), pp. 997-1016

'Entry and Exit by European Low Cost and Traditional Carriers' (with C Piga), 2008, Tourism Economics, 14(3), pp. 577-98