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The Sheffield Economic Research Paper Series (SERPS) offers a forum for the research output of the School of Economics, University of Sheffield.


Papers are reviewed for quality and presentation by two internal referees and an editor. However, the contents and opinions expressed remain the responsibility of the author.

The SERPS is intended to promote the rapid dissemination of research results prior to publication. Comments are welcomed and should be addressed to the individual author(s). Copyright and all rights therein are retained by the author(s).

Summaries of many of these research papers can be found on our Sheffield economics research blog.


Ref Title Author(s) Download
2024001 Unlocking Potential: Investigating the Prolonged Impact of Formal Childcare Intensity on Non-Cognitive Skills

Lucy Ward

PDF, 675 KB
2024002 The geography of the disability employment gap: Exploring spatial variation in the relative employment rates of disabled people Mark Bryan, Andrew Bryce, Jennifer Roberts, and Cristina Sechel PDF, 1.64 MB
2024003 The Attack-and-Defense Conflict with the Gun-and- Butter Dilemma Subhasish M. Chowdhury and Iryna Topolyan PDF, 583 KB
2024004 Experimental Research on Contests Subhasish M. Chowdhury, Dan Kovenock, and Anwesha Mukherjee PDF, 356 KB


Ref Title Author(s) Download
2023001 Welfare-enhancing taxation and price discrimination

Anna D’Annunzio, Antonio Russo

PDF, 290 KB
2023002 Learning in Rent-Seeking Contests with Payoff Risk and Foregone Payoff Information

Aidas Masiliūnas

2023003 Measuring the effect of cash incentives on migrant integration in Norway: Early results from a quasi-experiment Meng Le Zhang, Henrik Lindegaard Andersen, Liv Osland  PDF, 1.59 MB
2023004 Minimum Wage Spillover Effects and Social Welfare in a Model of Stochastic Job Matching Panagiotis Nanos PDF, 0.626 MB
2023005 Household portfolios and financial literacy: The flight to delegation Sarah Brown, Alexandros Kontonikas, Alberto Montagnoli, Harry Pickard, Karl Taylor PDF, 0.79 MB

Arbitrary Inflation in Fractional Models

Sarah Brown, Daniel Gray, William Greene, Mark N. Harris PDF, 0.50 MB

Platform Models and Strategic Interaction on a Multi-Agent Transport Network

Jolian McHardy

PDF, 0.95 MB
2023008 Negative Tax Incidence with Multiproduct Firms Anna D’Annunzio, Antonio Russo PDF, 0.73 MB
2023009 Identity, Communication, and Conflict: An Experiment Sumon Bhaumik, Subhasish M. Chowdhury, Ralitza Dimova, Hanna Fromell PDF, 0.66 MB

The Role of Education in the Disability Employment Gap

Mark Bryan, Andrew Bryce, Jennifer Roberts, and Cristina Sechel PDF, 0.78 MB
2023011 Second-Hand Gentrification: Theory and Evidence from High-Speed Rail Extensions Gabriel Loumeau and Antonio Russo PDF, 7.92 MB
2023012 The Lifecycle of Affirmative Action Policies and Its Effect on Effort and Sabotage Behaviour Subhasish M. Chowdhury, Anastasia Danilov, and Martin G. Kocher PDF, 1.81 MB
2023013 Loss Aversion, Risk Aversion, and the Shape of the Probability Weighting Function Matthew D. Rablen PDF, 0.32 MB
2023014 Pension Systems (Un)sustainability and Fiscal Constraints: A Comparative Analysis Burkhard Heer, Vito Polito, and Mike Wickens PDF, 5.21 MB
2023015 The Anatomy of Small Open Economy Productivity Trends Christoph Gortz, Konstantinos Theodoridis, and Christoph Thoenissen PDF, 1.47 MB
2023016 Overbidding and Heterogeneous Behavior in Contest Experiments: A Meta-Comment on Cross-Cultural Differences Subhasish M. Chowdhury and Matteo M. Marini PDF, 397 KB
2023017 Can Awareness Reduce (and Reverse) Identity-driven Bias in Judgement? Evidence from International Cricket Subhasish M. Chowdhury, Sarah Jewell, and Carl Singleton PDF, 612 KB
2023018 On the Unimportance of Commitment for Monetary Policy Juan Paez-Farrell PDF, 1.27 MB
2023019 The Central Influencer Theorem: Spatial Voting Contests with Endogenous Coalition Formation Subhasish M. Chowdhury and Sang-Hyun Kim PDF, 558 KB
2023020 Do Remote Workers Deter Neighborhood Crime? Evidence from the Rise of Working from Home Jesse Matheson, Brendon McConnell, James Rockey, and Argyris Sakalis PDF, 3.29 MB
2023021 Permanent School Closures and Crime: Evidence from Scotland Daniel Borbely, Markus Gehrsitz, Stuart McIntyre, and Gennaro Rossi PDF, 671 KB
2023022 Comparative Advantage and the Quality Choice of Heterogeneous Firms Dongzhe Zhang, Antonio Navas, and Ian Gregory-Smith PDF, 604 KB
2023023 Nudging for Prompt Tax Penalty Payment: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Indonesia Eko Arief Yogama, Daniel J. Gray, and Matthew D. Rablen PDF, 2.68 MB
2023024 Did the COVID-19 Pandemic Necessarily Escalate Intimate Partner Violence? Results from a National-level Survey in India Subhasish M. Chowdhury, Upasak Das, and Shrabani Saha PDF, 609 KB


Ref Title Author(s) Download
2022001 Household Debt and Risk Tolerance: Evidence from China Jialong Li PDF, 0.71 MB
2022002 The Heterogeneous Effect of Uncertainty on Firms Trade Margins Destruction and Diversion Mustapha Douch, Jun Du, Enrico Vanino PDF, 1 .67 MB
2022003 Monetary Policy and Bank Liquidity Creation: A Multivariate Markov Switching Approach Mustafa Caglayan, Kostas Mouratidis PDF, 0.81 MB
2022004 Tackling Large Outliers in Macroeconomic Data with Vector Artificial Neural Network Autoregression Vito Polito,Yunyi Zhang PDF, 4.74 MB
2022005 Corporatism and Capital Accumulation: The Fate of the Social Corporatist Model

Jonathan Perraton

PDF, 0.91 MB

Can the Stochastic Discount Factor Explain Unemployment Fluctuations?

Bingsong Wang PDF, 1.21 MB
2022007 Real-time monitoring of bubbles and crashes Whitehouse, E. J., Harvey, D. I., Leybourne, S. J. PDF, 1.37 MB
2022008 Commodity price shocks and macroeconomic dynamics Ruthira Naraidoo, Juan Paez-Farrell PDF, 1.36 MB

Decompositions: Accounting for Discrimination

Gurleen Popli PDF, 0.68 MB
2022010 A multi-operator differentiated transport network model Jolian McHardy PDF, 1.38 MB

How important is neighbourhood labour structure in the spread of COVID-19? Within-city evidence from England

Carlo Corradini, Jesse Matheson, Enrico Vanino PDF, 10.11 MB
2022012 A consumer surplus, welfare and profit enhancing strategy for improving urban transport networks Jolian McHardy, Michael Reynolds, Stephen Trotter PDF, 1.18 MB

How the rise of teleworking will reshape labor markets and cities

Toshitaka Gokan, Sergei Kichko, Jesse A. Matheson, Jacques-Francois Thisse PDF, 1.68 MB
2022014 “Votes for Women” on the edge of urbanization Pantelis Kammas, Vassilis Sarantides

PDF, 1.84 MB

2022015 Revisiting Real Wage Rigidity Michael Ellington, Chris Martin, Bingsong Wang PDF, 1.65 MB
2022016 Historical pathogen prevalence and the radius of trust Pantelis Kammas, Vassilis Sarantides PDF, 1.52 MB
2022017 Anticipated labour market discrimination and educational achievement Andy Dickerson, Anita Ratcliffe, Bertha Rohenkohl, Nicolas Van de Sijpe PDF, 1.78 MB
2022018 Subnational democratization and the onset of the Mexican drug war Luis Sanchez, Vassilis Sarantides PDF, 1.46 MB
2022019 Modelling the composition of household portfolios: A latent class approach Raslan Alzuabi, Sarah Brown, Mark N. Harris, Karl Taylor PDF, 0.92 MB
2022020 Urban Regeneration Projects and Crime: Evidence from Glasgow Daniel Borbely, Gennaro Rossi PDF, 5.88 MB
2022021 The Fundamental Surplus Revisited Bingsong Wang PDF, 0.55 MB
2022022 Inequality and risk preference Harry Pickard, Thomas Dohmen, Bert Van Landeghem PDF, 1.45 MB
2022023 Mental health and productivity: evidence for the UK Dacheng Huo, Nigel Rice, Jennifer Roberts, Cristina Sechel PDF, 0.54 MB


Ref Title Author(s) Download
2021001 Agri-Culture of the Motherland. The effect of Land
Inequality on Gender Equality Beliefs
Argyris Sakalis PDF, 5.42 MB

Fueling the party machine: Evidence from Greece during Metapolitefsi

Pantelis Kammas, Maria Poulima, Vassilis Sarantides PDF, 1.67 MB
2021003 Collective music-making as ‘asset-based social policy’:  a pilot study Paul Mosley, Emily Achieng, Maria Aurelia del Casale, Antonella Coppi, Nikki-Kate Heyes, Lee Higgins. PDF

Investing in the roots of your political ancestors

Pantelis Kammas, Maria Poulima, Vassilis Sarantides PDF, 2.37 MB
2021005 Difference-in-differences with an ordinal dependent
variable: Assessing the impact of the London
bombings on the safety perceptions of Muslims
Arne Risa Hole, Anita Ratcliffe PDF
2021006 Covid reallocation of spending: The effect of remote working on the retail and hospitality sector Gianni De Fraja, Jesse Matheson, Paul Mizen, James
Rockey, Shivani Taneja, and Gregory Thwaites
PDF, 4.39MB
2021007 Preferences and Equivalent Income in the UK An Thu Ta  PDF 
2021008 The Impact of a New Quality Management Practice on Firm Performance: Evidence from Pakistan Mahvish Faran, Karl Taylor  PDF 

Portfolio Allocation and Borrowing Constraints

Raslan Alzuabi, Sarah Brown, Daniel Gray, Mark N. Harris, Christopher Spencer PDF
2021010 Marketed Tax Avoidance Schemes: An Economic Analysis  Jiao Li, Matthew Rablen, Duccio Gamannossi Degl'Innocenti PDF


Ref Title Author(s) Download
2020001 Household Portfolios and Monetary Policy  Raslan Alzuabi, Sarah Brown, Alexandros Kontonikas and  Alberto Montagnoli PDF, 605KB

Financial Expectations and Household Consumption: Does Middle Inflation Matter?

Sarah Brown, Mark N. Harris, Christopher Spencer and Karl Taylor PDF, 513KB
2020003 Bank Competition and Financial Stability: Evidence from the U.S. Banking Deregulation Yifei Cao, Jenyu Chou, Ian Gregory-Smith, and Alberto Montagnoli PDF, 861KB
2020004 Government ideology and international migration Vincenzo Bove, Georgios Efthyvoulou,
Harry Pickard
PDF, 1.07MB
2020005 Presenteeism in the UK: Effects of physical and mental health on worker productivity Mark L. Bryan, Andrew M. Bryce and Jennifer Roberts PDF, 675KB
2020006 Mental health and employment: a bounding approach using panel data Mark L. Bryan, Nigel Rice, Jennifer Roberts, and Cristina Sechel PDF, 1041KB
2020007 On the Power Curves of the Conditional Likelihood Ratio and Related Tests for Instrumental Variables Regression with Weak Instruments Nicolas Van de Sijpe, Frank Windmeijer PDF, 652 KB
2020008 The Asymmetric Unemployment Response of Natives and Foreigners to Migration Shocks Nicolò Maffei Faccioli, Eugenia Vella  PDF, 875 KB
2020009 Financial Advice and Household Financial Portfolios  Sarah Brown, Alessandro Bucciol, Alberto Montagnoli, Karl Taylor PDF, 839KB
2020010 Fiscal Policy Shocks and International Spillovers  Ayobami E. Ilori, Juan Paez-Farrell, Christoph  Thoenissen PDF, 898 KB


Ref Title Author(s) Download
2019001 Household location in English cities David Cuberes, Jennifer Roberts and Cristina Sechel PDF, 1.1MB
2019002 Charitable behaviour and political ideology: evidence for the UK Sarah Brown and Karl Taylor PDF, 518KB
2019003 Parental ethnic identity and child development Stuart Campbell, Ana Neuvo-Chiquero, Gurleen Popli and Anita Ratcliffe PDF, 474KB
2019004 A mailshot in the dark? The impact of the UK government's leaflet on the 2016 EU referendum Harry Pickard PDF, 1.7MB
2019005 Tax evasion on a social network Duccio Gamannossi degl'Innocenti and Matthew D. Rablen PDF, 370KB
2019006 Voluntary disclosure schemes for offshore tax evasion Matthew Gould and Matthew D. Rablen PDF, 3.6MB
2019007 Weekend working in 21st century Britain: does it matter for well-being? Andrew M. Bryce PDF, 1.3MB
2019008 Happier than them, but more of them are happy: aggregating subjective well-being Cristina Sechel PDF, 1.4MB
2019009 Fiscal austerity and migration: a missing link Guilherme Bandeira, Jordi Caballe, Eugenia Vella PDF, 1.1MB
2019010 Democratisation and tax structure in the presence of home production: evidence from the Kingdom of Greece Pantelis Kammas, Vassilis Sarantides PDF, 2.6MB
2019011 Life satisfaction and austerity: expectations and the macroeconomy Sarah Brown, Alexandros Kontonikas, Alberto Montagnoli, Mirko Moro, Luisanna Onnis PDF, 453KB
2019012 The social mobility of home ownership: to what extent have the millennials fared worse? Joanne Lindley and Steven McIntosh PDF, 809KB
2019013 Understanding access barriers to public services: lessons from a randomized domestic violence intervention Martin Foureaux Koppensteiner, Jesse Matheson, Reka Plugor PDF, 2.6MB
2019014 Selection and performance in post-compulsory education Uzma Ahmad, Steven McIntosh, Gurleen Popli PDF, 589KB
2019015 Changing the subject: a further examination of the returns to postgraduate education Pamela Lenton PDF, 1.1MB
2019016 Secondary school enrolment and teenage childbearing: evidence from Brazilian municipalities Martin Foureaux Koppensteiner and Jesse Matheson PDF, 1.7MB
2019017 Intergenerational Income Mobility in the UK:New evidence using the BHPS and Understanding Society Bertha Rohenkohl PDF, 811KB
2019018 Wages and labor productivity. Evidence from injuries in the National Football League Ian Gregory-Smith PDF, 938KB
2019019 Identity conflict: A framework and empirical investigation Jolian McHardy and Anita Ratcliffe PDF, 787KB
2019020 Adaptation To Disability - Evidence From the UK Household Longitudinal Study

An Thu Ta

PDF, 754KB
2019021 New Evidence on Disability Benefit Claims in the UK: The Role of Health and Local Labour Market Jennifer Roberts and Karl Taylor PDF, 2.4MB
2019022 The Elusive Quest for Additionality Patrick Carter, Nicolas Van de Sijpe, Raphael Calel PDF, 668KB
2019023 Does Commuting Mode Choice Impact Health? Nikita Jacob, Luke Munford, Nigel Rice, Jennifer Roberts PDF, 852 KB

Previous years 

Ref Title Author(s) Download
2018001 Austerity, Life Satisfaction and Expectations Sarah Brown, Alexandros Kontonikas, Alberto Montagnoli, Mirko Moro and Luisanna Onnis -
2018002 Working Hours, Work Identity and Subjective Wellbeing Mark L Bryan and Alita Nandi PDF, 987KB
2018003 Assessing the Cyclical Behaviour of Bank Capital Buffers in a Finance-Augmented Macro-Economy Alberto Montagnoli, Konstantinos Mouratidis and Kemar Whyte PDF, 856KB
2018004 Finding meaning through work: eudaimonic well-being and job type in the US and UK Andrew Bryce PDF, 996KB
2018005 How effective is inflation targeting in emerging market economies? Thanaset Chevapatrakul and Juan Paez-Farrell PDF, 574KB
2018006 Migration and Business Cycle Dynamics Christie Smith and Christoph Thoenissen PDF, 1.8MB
2018007 Unhappiness in unemployment – is it the same for everyone? Simonetta Longhi, Alita Nandi, Mark Bryan, Sara Connolly and Cigdem Gedikli PDF, 727KB
2018008 Class Setting and Children’s Non-Cognitive Outcomes Emily McDool PDF, 923KB
2018009 Credit Supply Shocks and Household Leverage: Evidence from the US Banking Deregulation Sarah Brown, Daniel Gray and Alberto Montagnoli PDF, 1MB
2018010 The disutility of commuting? The effect of gender and local labour markets Luke Munford, Nigel Rice, Jennifer Roberts and Nikita Jacob PDF, 500KB
2018011 Bribery, Hold-Up and Bureaucratic Structure John Bennett and Matthew D. Rablen PDF, 2.8MB
2018012 Revisiting the causal effects of exporting on productivity: Does price heterogeneity matter? Tewodros Ayenew Wassie PDF, 607KB
2018013 Mental Health and Reporting Bias: Analysis of the GHQ - 12 Sarah Brown, Mark N. Harris, Preety Srivastava and Karl Taylor PDF, 405KB
2018014 Does Congressional experience in US governors influence state transfers? Harry Pickard PDF, 1MB
2018015 The North-South Divide, the Euro and the World Konstantinos Chisiridis, Kostas Mouratidis and Theodore Panagiotidis PDF, 4MB
2018016 Aid diversion and the impact of Development Assistance for Health in a decentralized health system Samuel Lordemus PDF, 515KB
2018017 Generalised self-efficacy and work values as indicators of job satisfaction: evidence from China Pam Lenton and Lu Yin PDF, 423KB
2018018 Election Outcomes and Individual Well-being: Evidence from British Panel Data Daniel Gray, Harry Pickard and Luke Munford PDF, 1.5MB
Ref Title Author(s) Download
2017001 A Semiparametric Bayesian Approach to a New Dynamic Zero-Inflated Model Kiranmoy Das, Bhuvanesh Pareek, Sarah Brown, and Pulak Ghosh PDF, 366KB
2017002 Neighbourhood Effects on Educational Attainment: Does Family Background Influence the Relationship? Emily McDool PDF, 800KB

Being your own boss: the many faces of self-employment

Pamela Lenton PDF, 570KB
2017004 Taxpayer’s dilemma: how can ‘fiscal contracts’ work in developing countries? Pamela Lenton, Mike Masiye and Paul Mosley PDF, 565KB
2017005 Saving Behaviour and Biomarkers: A High-Dimensional Bayesian Analysis of British Panel Data Sarah Brown, Pulak Ghosh, Daniel Gray, Bhuvanesh Pareek and Jennifer Roberts PDF, 784KB
2017006 Identity conflict: A framework and empirical investigation Jolian McHardy and Anita Ratcliffe -
2017007 Financial Literacy and Attitudes to Redistribution Alberto Montagnoli, Mirko Moro, Georgios A. Panos and Robert E. Wright PDF, 1.4MB
2017008 The Macroeconomic Effects of Income and Consumption Tax Changes Anh D.M.Nguyen, Luisanna Onnis, Raffaele Rossi PDF, 876KB
2017009 The Risk-Taking Channel in the US: A GVAR Approach Raslan Alzuabi, Mustafa Caglayan, and Kostas Mouratidis PDF, 927KB
2017010 Does education improve financial outcomes? Quasi-experimental evidence from Britain

Daniel Gray, Alberto Montagnoli and Mirko Moro

PDF, 2.2MB
2017011 Financial Hardship and Saving Behaviour: Bayesian Analysis of British Panel Data Sarah Brown, Pulak Ghosh, Bhuvanesh Pareek and Karl Taylor PDF, 957KB
2017012 Fiscal Consolidation in a Low Inflation Environment: Pay Cuts versus Lost Jobs Guilherme Bandeira, Evi Pappa, Rana Sajedi and Eugenia Vella PDF, 937KB
Ref Title Author(s) Download
2016001 Bank Value and Geographic Diversification: Regional vs Global Canan Yildirim and Georgios Efthyvoulou PDF, 228KB
2016002 Technological Progress, Time Perception and Environmental Sustainability Evangelos V. Dioikitopoulos, Sugata Ghosh and Eugenia Vella PDF, 341KB
2016003 Foreign vs Domestic Acquisitions on Financial Risk Reduction Vassiliki Bamiatzi, Georgios Efthyvoulou and Liza Jabbour PDF, 801KB
2016004 Staying-on after twenty-one: the returns to postgraduate education Pamela Lenton PDF, 529KB
2016005 Commodity prices and labour market dynamics in small open economies Martin Bodenstein, Gunes Kamber and Christoph Thoenissen PDF, 822KB
2016006 Does the Yuan's Overseas Expansion Increase the Currency Exposure of Chinese Financial Firms? Juan Carlos Cuestas, Ying Sophie Huang and Bo Tang PDF, 611KB
2016007 The Educational Success of China’s Young Generation of Rural-to-Urban Migrants Pamela Lenton and Lu Yin PDF, 538KB
2016008 Trade Liberalization, Selection and Technology Adoption with Vertical Linkages Antonio Navas and Antonella Nocco PDF, 614KB
2016009 Reform of the United Nations Security Council: Equity and Efficiency Matthew Gould and Matthew D. Rablen PDF, 910KB
2016010 Winners and Losers of Corporate Tournaments Ian Gregory- Smith and Peter Wright PDF, 493KB
2016011 Social Media Use and Children’s Wellbeing Emily McDool, Phillip Powell, Jennifer Roberts and Karl Taylor PDF, 1.1MB
2016012 Portfolio Allocation, Income Uncertainty and Households' Flight from Risk Sarah Brown, Dan Gray, Mark N. Harris and Christopher Spencer PDF, 723KB
2016013 The Effect of Primary Converter Academies on Pupil Performance Emily McDool -
Ref Title Author(s) Download
201026 The Impact of 'A - Day' on Executive Pensions and Pay for Performance Damon Morris, Ian Gregory-Smith, Brian GM Main, Alberto Montagnoli and Peter Wright PDF, 1.2MB
2015025 Inflation targeting or Exchange Rate Targeting: Which Framework Supports The Goal of Price Stability in Emerging Market Economics? Nora Abu Asab, Juan Carlos Cuestas and Alberto Montagnoli PDF, 284KB
2015024 Exchange Rate Changes and Stock Returns in China: A Markov Switching SVAR Approach Juan Carlos Cuestas and Bo Tang PDF, 1.5MB
2015023 Taylor rules, central bank preferences and inflation targeting Juan Paez-Farrell PDF, 617KB
2015022 Household location and income: a spatial analysis for British cities David Cuberes and Jennifer Roberts PDF, 1.3MB
2015021 Asymmetric Exchange Rate Exposure of Stock Returns: Empirical Evidence from Chinese Industries Juan Carlos Cuestas and Bo Tang PDF, 1.7MB
2015020 Intra-household Commuting Choices and Local Labour Markets Jennifer Roberts and Karl Taylor PDF, 721KB
2015019 Fiscal redistribution around elections when democracy is not “the only game in town” Pantelis Kammas and Vassilis Sarantides PDF, 884KB
2015018 Competition and financial constraints: a two-sided story Michele Bernini and Alberto Montagnoli PDF, 755KB
2015017 Charitable Behaviour and the Big Five Personality Traits: Evidence from UK Panel Data Sarah Brown and Karl Taylor PDF, 708KB
2015016 A Dynamic Analysis of Skill Formation and NEET status Daniel Gladwell, Gurleen Popli and Aki Tsuchiya PDF, 690KB
2015015 The Effect of Energy Consumption and Human Capital on Economic Growth: An Exploration of Oil Exporting and Developed Countries Fatema Alaali, Jennifer Roberts and Karl Taylor PDF, 400KB
2015014 Uncovered Interest Parity in Central and Eastern Europe: Sample, Expectations and Structural Breaks Juan Carlos Cuestas, Fabio Filipozzi and Karsten Staehr PDF, 455KB
2015013 Towards Adopting Inflation Targeting in Emerging Markets: The (A)symmetric Transmission Mechanism in Jordan Noura Abu Asab and Juan Carlos Cuestas PDF, 806KB
2015012 The Great Leveraging in the GIIPS Countries: Domestic Credit and Net Foreign Liabilities Juan Carlos Cuestas and Karsten Staehr PDF, 631KB
2015011 Ranking economics journals using data from a national research evaluation exercise Arne Risa Hole PDF, 310KB
2015010 The impact of Athena SWAN in UK medical schools Ian Gregory-Smith PDF, 340KB
2015009 The many dimensions of child poverty: Evidence from the UK Millennium Cohort Study Andrew Dickerson and Gurleen Popli PDF, 456KB
2015008 A critique of full reserve banking Sheila Dow, Guðrún Johnsen and Alberto Montagnoli PDF, 459KB
2015007 Patent Purchase as a Policy for Pharmaceuticals Ben van Hout, Jolian McHardy and Aki Tsuchiya PDF, 597KB
2015006 The Relative Income Hypothesis: A comparison of methods Sarah Brown, Daniel Gray and Jennifer Roberts PDF, 519KB
2015005 Technology and the dynamics of comparative advantage Antonio Navas PDF, 497KB
2015004 Real firms, transaction costs and firm development: a suggested formalisation Michael Dietrich, Jackie Krafft and Jo McHardy PDF, 640KB
2015003 Corporate Tax Convergence in Asian and Pacific Economies Yang Chen, Juan Carlos Cuestas and Paulo José Regis PDF, 400KB
2015002 The impact of the London bombings on the wellbeing of young Muslims Arne Risa Hole and Anita Ratcliffe PDF, 1.7MB
2015001 Do dictatorships redistribute more? Pantelis Kammas and Vassilis Sarantides PDF, 905KB
Ref Title Author(s) Download
2014001 Growth in Within Graduate Wage Inequality: The Role of Subjects, Cognitive Skill Dispersion and Occupational Concentration Joanne Lindley, Steven McIntosh PDF, 460KB
2014002 Finance Sector Wage Growth and the role of Human Capital Joanne Lindley, Steven McIntosh PDF, 440KB
2014003 Networks and the Dynamics of Firms' Export Portfolio: Evidence for Mexico Juan de Lucio, Raúl Mínguez, Asier Minondo, Francisco Requena PDF, 1MB
2014004 Gender Role Identity, Breadwinner Status and Psychological Well-being in the Household Heather Brown, Jennifer Roberts PDF, 866KB
2014005 Valuation of Small and Multiple Health Risks: A Critical Analysis of SP Data Applied to Food and Water Safety Henrik Andersson, Arne Risa Hole, Mikael Svensson PDF, 463KB
2014006 A New Formulation for Latent Class Models Sarah Brown, William Greene, Mark N. Harris PDF, 368KB
2014007 Household Repayment Behaviour and Neighbourhood Effects Sarah Brown PDF, 467KB
2014008 Financial Concerns and Overall Life Satisfaction: A Joint Modelling Approach Daniel Gray PDF, 485KB
2014009 Out-of-Wedlock Fertility, Post-Pregnancy Choices and Contraceptive Usage Ana Nuevo-Chiquero PDF, 980KB
2014010 Everybody Hurts: Banking Crises and Individual Wellbeing Alberto Montagnoli, Mirko Moro PDF, 593KB
2014011 Personality Characteristics, Educational Attainment and Wages: An Economic Analysis Using the British Cohort Study Pamela Lenton PDF, 386KB
2014012 Do Personality Traits Affect Productivity? Evidence from the Lab Maria Cubel, Ana Nuevo-Chiquero, Santiago Sanchez-Pages, Marian Vidal-Fernandez PDF, 600KB
2014013 Sons and Daughters: Parental Beliefs and Child Behaviour (Evidence from the UK Millennium Cohort Study) Gurleen Popli, Aki Tsuchiya PDF, 544KB
2014014 The Multidimensional Nature of Social Capital: An Empirical Investigation for Older People in Europe Brenda Gannon, Jennifer Roberts PDF, 453KB
2014015 Household Finances and Well-Being: An Empirical Analysis of Comparison Effects Sarah Brown, Daniel Gray PDF, 473KB
2014016 Interlocking Directorships and Patenting Coordination Michele Bernini, Georgios Efthyvoulou, Ian Gregory-Smith, Jolian McHardy, Antonio Navas PDF, 1.6MB
2014017 News-Driven Business Cycles in Small Open Economies Güneş Kamber, Konstantinos Theodoridis and Christoph Thoenissen PDF, 500KB
2014018 Environmental Investments in Mixed vs Private Oligopoly: What are the Implications of Privatization? Maria José Gil-Moltó and Dimitrios Varvarigos PDF, 558KB
2014019 Do environmental concerns affect commuting choices? Hybrid choice modelling with household survey data Jennifer Roberts, Gurleen Popli, and Rosemary J. Harris PDF, 729KB
2014020 Exchange rate pass-through and product heterogeneity: does quality matter on the import side? Michele Bernini, Chiara Tomasi PDF, 471KB
2014021 The use of heuristic optimization algorithms to facilitate maximum simulated likelihood estimation of random parameter logit models Arne Risa Hole, Hong Il Yoo PDF, 531KB
Ref Title Author(s)


2013001 Examining the Link Between Crime and Unemployment: A Time Series Analysis for Canada Zuzana Janko, Gurleen Popli PDF, 484KB
2013002 History and Urban Primacy: The Effect of the Spanish Reconquista on Muslim Cities David Cuberes, Rafael González-Val PDF, 197KB
2013003 Egalitarianism and Altruism in Health: To What Extent Are They Related? Ignacio Abásolo, Aki Tsuchiya PDF, 213KB
2013004 Public Investment and Re-election Prospects in Developed Countries Margarita Katsimi, Vassilis Sarantides PDF, 200KB
2013005 Inequality and Risk Aversion in Health and Income: An Empirical Analysis Using Hypothetical Scenarios with Losses Ignacio Abásolo, Aki Tsuchiya PDF, 187KB
2013006 Fighting Discrimination: W. Arthur Lewis and the Dual Economy of Manchester in the 1950s Paul Mosley, Barbara Ingham PDF, 1.5MB
2013007 The Role of Financial Depth on the Asymmetric Impact of Monetary Policy (updated February 2014 and March 2015) Mustafa Caglayan, Ozge Kandemir Kocaaslan, Kostas Mouratidis PDF, 561KB
2013008 The Price Puzzle: Fact or Artefact? Philip Arestis, Michail Karoglou, Kostas Mouratidis PDF, 97KB
2013009 Asymmetric Trade Liberalisation, Sector Heterogeneity and Innovation Antonio Navas PDF, 322KB
2013010 Are Internet and Face-to-Face Contacts Complements or Substitutes? Evidence from Internet Traffic between Cities David Cuberes PDF, 208KB
2013011 Fertility and Financial Development: Evidence from U.S. Counties in the 19th Century Alberto Basso, David Cuberes PDF, 327KB
2013012 Employee Trust and Workplace Performance Sarah Brown, Jolian McHardy, Karl Taylor PDF, 510KB
2013013 The London Bombings and Racial Prejudice: Evidence from Housing and Labour Markets Anita Ratcliffe, Stephanie von Hinke Kessler Scholder PDF, 652KB
2013014 Intermediate Inputs and the Export Gravity Equation Antonio Navas, Francesco Serti, Chiara Tomasi PDF, 632KB
2013015 On the Relationship between Exchange Rates and External Imbalances: East and Southeast Asia (updated September 2014) Juan Carlos Cuestas, Paulo José Regis PDF, 406KB
2013016 Political Cycles in Public Expenditure: Butter vs Guns (updated August 2014) Vincenzo Bove, Georgios Efthyvoulou, Antonio Navas PDF, 444KB
2013017 Innovation and Trade Policy Coordination: the Role of Firm Heterogeneity Antonio Navas, Davide Sala PDF, 858KB
2013018 Trade Openness, Institutional Change and Economic Growth Antonio Navas PDF, 815KB
Ref Title Author(s) Download
2012001 On Modelling the Social Interaction of Couples Sarah Brown, Jolian McHardy and Karl Taylor PDF, 273KB
2012002 The African Political Business Cycle: Varieties of Experience Paul Mosley and Blessing Chiripanhura PDF, 234KB
2012003 Politics, public expenditure and the evolution of poverty in Africa 1920-2009 Sue Bowden, Paul Mosley PDF, 654KB
2012004 Blood Donation as a Public Good: An Empirical Investigation of the Free-Rider Problem Ignacio Abásolo, Aki Tsuchiya PDF, 254KB
2012005 Inflation Convergence in Central and Eastern Europe with a View to Adopting the Euro Juan Carlos Cuestas, Luis A. Gil-Alana, Karl Taylor PDF, 288KB
2012006 Secrecy Versus Patents: Process Innovations and the Role of Uncertainty Tapan Biswas, Jolian McHardy PDF, 230KB
2012007 Household Finances and Social Interaction Sarah Brown, Karl Taylor PDF, 300KB
2012008 The Stackelberg Model as a Partial Solution to the Problem of Pricing in a Network Jolian McHardy, Michael Reynolds, Stephen Trotter PDF, 277KB
2012009 Modelling Household Debt and Financial Assets: A Bayesian Approach to a Bivariate Two-Part Model Li Su, Sarah Brown, Pulak Ghosh, Karl Taylor PDF, 350KB
2012010 Inferred vs Stated Attribute Non-Attendance in Choice Experiments: A Study of Doctors' Prescription Behaviour Arne Risa Hole, Julie Riise Kolstad, Dorte Gyrd-Hansen PDF, 192KB
2012011 A Note on the Current Account Sustainability of European Transition Economies Juan Carlos Cuestas PDF, 210KB
2012012 Smooth Transitions, Asymmetric Adjustment and Unit Roots Juan Carlos Cuestas, Javier Ordóñez PDF, 138KB
2012013 A Non-Linear Approach with Long Range Dependence Based on Chebyshev Polynomials Juan Carlos Cuestas, Luis A. Gil-Alana PDF, 240KB
2012014 Wealth Effects or Economic Barometer: Why Do House Prices Matter for Psychological Health? Anita Ratcliffe PDF, 354KB
2012015 Expectations and the Saving Behaviour of Children: Analysis of the U.S. Panel Study of Income Dynamics Sarah Brown, Karl Taylor PDF, 108KB
2012016 The Relationship Between Well-Being and Commuting Re-Visited: Does the Choice of Methodology Matter? Andy Dickerson, Arne Risa Hole, Luke Munford PDF, 343KB
2012017 Gender Gaps in the Labor Market and Aggregate Productivity David Cuberes, Marc Teignier PDF, 517KB
2012018 Preach What You Practice? Donating Behaviour of Parents and Their Offspring Sarah Brown, Preety Srivastava, Karl Taylor PDF, 116KB
2012019 Born to Be Wide? Exploring Correlations in Mother and Adolescent Body Mass Index Using Data from the British Household Panel Survey Heather Brown, Jennifer Roberts PDF, 106KB
2012020 Out-of-Pocket Health Care Expenditure in Turkey: Analysis of the Household Budget Surveys 2002-2008 Dilek Basar, Sarah Brown, Arne Risa Hole PDF, 162KB
2012021 Who Cares about Stock Market Booms and Busts? Evidence from Data on Mental Wellbeing (updated September 2013) Anita Ratcliffe, Karl Taylor PDF, 488KB
2012022 The Existence and Persistence of Household Financial Hardship Sarah Brown, Pulak Ghosh, Karl Taylor PDF, 211KB
2012023 Real Convergence in Europe: A Cluster Analysis Juan Carlos Cuestas, Mercedes Monfort, Javier Ordóñez PDF, 270KB
2012024 Human Capital, Culture and the Onset of the Demographic Transition Alberto Basso, David Cuberes PDF, 311KB
2012025 Uncertainty Effects of Inflation on Output: An MRS-IV Approach Mustafa Caglayan, Ozge Kandemir, Kostas Mouratidis PDF, 325KB
2012026 Modelling Primary Health Care Use: A Panel Zero Inflated Interval Regression Approach Sarah Brown, Mark N. Harris, Jennifer Roberts, Karl Taylor PDF, 98KB
2012027 Estimating Healthcare Demand for an Aging Population: A Flexible and Robust Bayesian Joint Model Arnab Mukherji, Satrajit Roychowdhury, Pulak Ghosh, Sarah Brown PDF, 191KB
2012028 Social Capital: Bridging the Theory and Empirical Divide Brenda Gannon, Jennifer Roberts PDF, 277KB
2012029 Growing Within-Graduate Wage Inequality and the Role of Subject of Degree Joanne Lindley, Steven McIntosh PDF, 325KB
2012030 Financial Constraints, Innovation Performance and Sectoral Disaggregation (updated December 2013) Georgios Efthyvoulou, Priit Vahter PDF, 295KB
Ref Title Author(s) Download
2011025 Household Finances and the 'Big Five' Personality Traits Sarah Brown and Karl Taylor PDF, 208KB
2011024 Aid and Fertility: What Does the Cross-Country Evidence Show? David Cuberes and Kevin Tsui PDF, 169KB
2011023 Persistent Poverty and Children's Cognitive Development: Evidence from the UK Millennium Cohort Study (updated December 2014) Andy Dickerson and Gurleen Popli PDF, 544KB
2011022 The saving behavior of children: Analysis of British panel data Sarah Brown and Karl Taylor PDF, 186KB
2011021 Microfinance Non-Financial Services: A Key for Poverty Alleviation? Lessons from Mexico Olga Biosca, Pamela Lenton and Paul Mosley PDF, 310KB
2011020 Network Interconnectivity with Regulation and Competition Jolian McHardy, Michael Reynolds and Stephen Trotter PDF, 489KB
2011019 Monetary Policy Preferences of the European Monetary Union and the UK Philip Arestis, Michail Karoglou and Kostas Mouratidis PDF, 514KB
2011018 Children of the Revolution: Fetal and Child Health amidst Violent Civil Conflict Christine Valente PDF 541KB
2011017 Inflation persistence: Implications for a monetary union in the Caribbean Juan Carlos Cuestas and Carlyn Dobson PDF, 138KB
2011016 Monetary policy effects on output and exchange rates: Results from US, UK and Japan Mustafa Caglayan, Kostas Mouratidis and Elham Saeidinezhad PDF, 325KB
2011015 Investigating the oil price-exchange rate nexus: Evidence from Africa Simeon Coleman, Juan Carlos Cuestas and Estefanía Mourelle PDF, 274KB
2011014 Fiscal shocks and budget balance persistence in the EU countries from Central and Eastern Europe Juan Carlos Cuestas and Karsten Staehr PDF, 169KB
2011013 Price Stickiness Asymmetry, Persistence and Volatility in a New Keynesian Model Alessandro Flamini PDF, 530KB
2011012 Economic class and the distribution of income: A time-series analysis of the UK economy, 1955-2010 Juan Carlos Cuestas and Bruce Philp PDF, 135KB
2011011 A comment on 'Mixed logit models: Accuracy and software choice.' Arne Risa Hole PDF, 65KB
2011010 Educational loans and attitudes towards risk Sarah Brown, Aurora Ortiz-Núñez and Karl Taylor PDF, 152KB
2011009 What did the Maoists ever do for us? Education and marriage of women exposed to civil conflict in Nepal Christine Valente -
2011008 How big is the 'German locomotive'? A perspective from Central and Eastern European countries' unemployment rates Juan C. Cuestas, Mercedes Monfort and Javier Ordóñez PDF, 254KB
2011007 Intergenerational Analysis of Social Interaction Sarah Brown, Jolian MacHardy and Karl Taylor -
2011006 Access to Abortion, Investments in Neonatal Health, and Sex-Selection: Evidence from Nepal Chirstine Valente PDF, 3.4MB
2011005 Unemployment hysteresis, structural changes, non-linearities and fractional integration in European transition economies Juan C. Cuestas and Luis A. Gil-Alana PDF, 256KB
2011004 Firm Productivity, Exchange Rate Movements, Sources of Finance and Export Orientation Mustafa Caglayan and Firat Demir PDF, 257KB
2011003 Inventories and sales uncertainty Mustafa Caglayan, Sara Maioli and Simona Mateut PDF, 215KB
2011002 Real effects of inflation uncertainty in the US Mustafa Caglayan, Ozge Kandemir and Kostas Mouratidis PDF, 495KB
2011001 Overeducation across British regions Pamela Lenton PDF, 169KB
Ref Title Author(s) Download
2010021 Part time employment and happiness: A cross-country analysis Jenny Willson and Andy Dickerson PDF, 500KB
2010020 Persistence of inflationary shocks: Implications for West African Monetary Union Membership Paul Alagidede, Simeon Coleman and Juan Carlos Cuestas PDF, 500KB
2010019 The Response of Firms' Leverage to Uncertainty: Evidence from UK Public versus Non-Public Firms Mustafa Caglayan and Abdul Rashid PDF, 500KB
2010018 Evaluating currency crises: A multivariate Markov regime switching approach Kostas Mouratidis, Dimitris Kenourgios, Aris Samitas and Dimitris Vougas PDF, 500KB
2010017 Modelling charitable donations: A latent class panel approach Sarah Brown, Mark N. Harris and Karl Taylor PDF, 390KB
2010016 Firm corruption in the presence of an auditor Michael Dietrich, Jolian McHardy and Abhijit Sharma PDF, 443KB
2010015 Real-time Optimal Monetary Policy with Undistinguishable Model Parameters and Shock Processes Uncertainty Alessandro Flamini and Costas Milas PDF, 779KB
2010013 Using Financial Incentives and Improving Information to Increase Labour Market Success: A Non-Parametric Evaluation of the ‘Want2Work’ Programme Joanne Lindley, Steven McIntosh, Jennifer Roberts, Carolyn Czoski Murray and Richard Edlin PDF, 140KB
2010012 Going the same ‘weigh’: spousal correlations in obesity in the UK Heather Brown, Arne Risa Hole, Jennifer Roberts PDF, 133KB
2010011 Trade Flows, Exchange Rate Uncertainty and Financial Depth: Evidence from 28 Emerging Countries Mustafa Caglayan, Omar S. Dahi and Firat Demir PDF, 301KB
2010010 The gender reservation wage gap: evidence from British panel data Sarah Brown, Jenny Roberts and Karl Taylor PDF, 60KB
2010009 Evaluating the Health Effects of Micro Health Insurance Placement: Evidence from Bangladesh Syed Abdul Hamid, Jennifer Roberts and Paul Mosley PDF, 156KB
2010008 Social Interaction and Stock Market Participation: Evidence from British Panel Data Sarah Brown and Karl Taylor PDF, 166KB
2010007 The Impact of Distance to Nearest Education Institution on the Post–Compulsory Education Participation Decision Andy Dickerson and Steven McIntosh PDF, 194KB
2010006 A discrete choice model with endogenous attribute attendance Arne Risa Hole PDF, 122KB
2010005 Gambling and the use of credit: an individual and household level analysis Sarah Brown, Andy Dickerson, Jolian McHardy and Karl Taylor PDF, 159KB
2010004 Is the Over-Education Wage Penalty Permanent? Joanne Lindley and Steven McIntosh PDF, 159KB
2010003 Efficiency and profitability: a panel data analysis
of UK manufacturing firms, 1993-2007
Michael Dietrich PDF, 166KB
2010002 Maternal movements to part time employment: what is the penalty? Jenny Wilson PDF, 157KB
2010001 Can Micro Health Insurance Reduce Poverty? Evidence from Bangladesh Syed Abdul Hamid, Jennifer Roberts and Paul Mosley PDF, 150KB
Ref Title Author(s) Download
2009016 Fears and realisations of employment insecurity Andy Dickerson and Francis Green PDF, 500KB
2009015 Modelling Charitable Donations to an Unexpected Natural Disaster: Evidence from the U.S. Panel Study of Income Dynamics Sarah Brown, Mark N. Harris and Karl Taylor PDF, 500KB
2009014 Is more health always better? Exploring public preferences that violate monotonicity Ignacio Abásolo and Aki Tsuchiya PDF, 500KB
2009012 The incidence and intensity of employer-provided
Andy Dickerson and Rob Wilson PDF, 500KB
2009011 Transaction Costs and Profitability in UK Manufacturing Michael Dietrich PDF, 500KB
2009010 Measuring the societal value of lifetime health Richard Edlin, Aki Tsuchyia and Paul Dolan PDF, 500KB
2009009 It’s driving her mad: gender differences in the effects of commuting on psychological well-being Jennifer Roberts, Robert Hodgson and Paul Dolan PDF, 158KB
2009008 Attitudes towards immigration in Europe Sarah Bridges and Simona Mateut PDF, 168KB
2009007 Determinants of Financial vs. Non Financial Stock Returns: Evidence from Istanbul Stock Exchange Mustafa Caglayan and Fatma Lajeri-Chaherli PDF, 167KB
2009006 Poverty and Economic Growth in Russia’s Regions Paul Mosley and Altay Mussurov PDF, 306KB
2009005 Central Bank Preferences, Distribution Forecasts and Economic Stability in a Small Open-economy Alessandro Flamini PDF, 620KB
2009004 Incentivising trust Pamela Lenton and Paul Mosley PDF, 80KB
2009003 On the problem of network monopoly Jolian McHardy, Michael Reynolds and Stephen Trotter PDF, 765KB
2009002 Household's Preferences and Monetary Policy Inertia Alessandro Flamini and Andrea Fracasso PDF, 538KB
2009001 Reservation Wages, Expected wages and the duration of Unemployment: evidence from British Panel data Sarah Brown and Karl Taylor PDF, 154KB
Ref Title Author(s) Downloads
2008013 Part-time work and Health among Older Workers
in Ireland and Britain
Brenda Gannon and Jennifer Roberts PDF, 92KB
2008012 Early retirement and inequality in Britain and Germany: How important is health? Jennifer Roberts, Nigel Rice and Andrew M. Jones PDF, 242KB
2008011 Does Real Exchange Rate Volatility Affect Sectoral Trade Flows? Mustafa Caglayan and Jing Di PDF, 330KB
2008010 Modelling the Incidence of Self-Employment: Individual and Employment Type Heterogeneity Sarah Brown, Lisa Farrell and Mark N. Harris PDF, 134KB
2008009 A Panel Data Analysis of the Incidence and Impact of Over-education. Joanne Lindley and Steven McIntosh. PDF, 535KB
2008008 Reservation Wages, Expected Wages and Labour Market Outcomes: Analysis of Individual Level Panel Data. Sarah Brown and Karl Taylor. PDF, 539KB
2008007 Expectations, reservation wages and employment: Evidence from British panel data. Sarah Brown and Karl Taylor. PDF, 396KB
2008006 Gender wage discrimination in Mexico: A distributional approach. Gurleen Popli. PDF, 839KB
2008005 Debt and Risk Preference: A Household Level Analysis. Sarah Brown, Gaia Garino, Peter Simmons and Karl Taylor. PDF, 166KB
2008004 Debt and Health. Pamela Lenton and Paul Mosley. PDF, 423KB
2008003 Inter-regional Migration: The UK experience. Tapan Biswas, Jolian McHardy and Michael A. Nolan. PDF, 897KB
2008002 Reservation Wages, Labour Market Participation and Health. Sarah Brown, Jennifer Roberts and Karl Taylor. PDF, 581KB
2008001 Productivity and Labour Demand Effects of Inward and Outward FDI on UK Industry. Nigel Driffield, James H Love and Karl Taylor. PDF, 260KB
Ref Title Author(s) Download
2007017 FOLLOWING IN YOUR PARENTS’ FOOTSTEPS? Empirical Analysis of Matched Parent-Offspring Test Scores. Sarah Brown, Steven McIntosh and Karl Taylor. PDF, 129KB
2007016 The Inventory Channel of Trade Credit: Theory and Evidence. Spiros Bougheas, Simona Mateut and Paul Mizen. PDF, 170KB
2007015 Aid Volatility, Policy and Development. John Hudson and Paul Mosley. PDF, 504KB
2007014 Are people ethical? An experimental approach. Donna Rowen and Michael Dietrich. PDF, 599KB
2007013 The Over-Education of UK Immigrants and Minority Ethnic Groups: Evidence from the Labour Force Survey. Joanne Lindley. PDF, 643KB
2007012 Labour Turnover and Firm Performance. Sarah Brown, Gaia Garino and Christopher Martin. PDF, 317KB
2007011 Childcare voucher and labour market behaviour: Experimental evidence from Finland. Tarja K. Viitanen. PDF, 239KB
2007010 Informal and formal care in Europe. Tarja K. Viitanen. PDF, 207KB
2007009 Do Institutions, Inequality and Religious Beliefs Affect Cadaveric versus Live-Kidney Harvesting. Nejat Anbarci and Mustafa Caglayan. PDF, 179KB
2007008 Self-Employment and Risk Preference. Sarah Brown, Michael Dietrich, Aurora Ortiz and Karl Taylor. PDF, 588KB
2007007 Attitudes and motivations of Economics students: Some recent evidence. Donna Rowen and Michael Dietrich. PDF, 384KB
2007006 Vertical occupational mobility and its measurement. Shirley Dex, Joanne Lindley and Kelly Ward. PDF, 774KB
2007005 The impact of credit on income poverty in urban Mexico: An endogeneity-corrected estimation. Miguel Niño-Zarazúa. PDF, 613KB
2007004 Network Regulation Using an Agent. Jolian McHardy, Michael Reynolds and Stephen Trotter. PDF, 396KB
2007003 Labour market job matching for UK minority ethnic groups Shirley Dex and Jo Lindley PDF, 1.1MB
2007002 Sick of work or too sick to work? Evidence on health shocks and early retirement from the BHPS Nigel Rice, Jennifer Roberts and Andrew M. Jones PDF, 625KB
2007001 Changes in Human Capital and Wage Inequality in Mexico Gurleen K. Popli PDF, 211KB
Ref Title Author(s) Download
2006014 Where do I go and what should I do? Routes through further education. Pam Lenton PDF, 564KB
2006013 Social Interaction and Intergenerational Skill Transfer Sarah Brown and Karl Taylor PDF, 357KB
2006012 Returns to Education and Risky Financial Investment Sarah Brown, Gaia Garino and Karl Taylor PDF, 122KB
2006011 Incapacity Benefit: A Health or Labour Market Phenomenon? Tessa Peasgood, Jenny Roberts and Aki Tsuchiya PDF, 330KB
2006010 The Cost Structure of Higher Education in Further Education Colleges in England. Pamela Lenton PDF, 417KB
2006009 Early Land Redistribution and the Food Security of South African Households: Micro-econometric evidence from national data. Christine Valente PDF, 201KB
2006008 Immigrant Wage Differentials, Ethnicity and Occupational Clustering. Robert J. R. Elliott and Joanne K. Lindley. PDF, 256KB
2006007 Neural networks and the evolution of firms and industries: An application to UK SIC34 and SIC72. Michael Dietrich. PDF, 305KB
2006006 Financial Expectations, Consumption and Saving: A Microeconomic Analysis. Sarah Brown, Robert McNabb and Karl Taylor. PDF, 447KB
2006005 Firm Performance, Worker Commitment and Loyalty. Sarah Brown, Robert McNabb and Karl Taylor. PDF, 186KB
2006004 The Welfare Costs of Means Testing: Pensioner Participation in Income. Monica Hernandez, Stephen Pudney and Ruth Hancock. PDF, 314KB
2006003 The Effect of Divorce Laws on Divorce Rates in Europe Libertad González and Tarja K. Viitanen PDF, 361KB
2006002 Educational Attainment and Risk Preference. Sarah Brown, Aurora Ortiz and Karl Taylor. PDF, 459KB
2006001 The Over-Education of UK Immigrants: Evidence from the Labour Force Survey. Jo Lindley and Pam Lenton. PDF, 412KB
Ref Title Author(s) Download
2005017 Testing models of stochastic choice in health state valuation data. Paul Dolan, Oyeyemi Oluboyede and Jennifer Roberts Paul Dolan, Oyeyemi Oluboyede and Jennifer Roberts PDF, 137KB
2005016 Rising Wage Inequality in Mexico: Structural Reforms or Changing Labor Market Institutions? Gurleen Popli PDF, 691KB
2005015 Bullying, Education and Labour Market Outcomes: Evidence from the National Child Development Study Sarah Brown and Karl Taylor PDF, 654KB
2005014 Using simple neural networks to analyse firm activity Michael Dietrich PDF, 326KB
2005013 The relative income hypothesis: does it exist over time? Evidence from the BHPS Jo Lindley and Paula Lorgelly PDF, 313KB
2005012 Budget support, conditionality and poverty Paul Mosley and Abrar Suleiman PDF, 1.3MB
2005011 The development of trust and social capital in rural Uganda: An experimental approach Paul Mosley and Arjan Verschoor PDF, 324KB
2005010 Aid, agriculture and poverty in developing countries Paul Mosley and Abrar Suleiman PDF, 646KB
2005009 Capital controls re-examined: the case for ‘smart’ controls Paul Mosley and Jarita Duasa PDF, 516KB
2005008 Community development finance institutions and the ‘poverty trap’: social and fiscal impact Pamela Lenton and Paul Mosley PDF, 550KB
2005007 Bolivia during the global crisis 1998-2004: towards a macroeconomics of microfinance Reynaldo Marconi and Paul Mosley PDF, 480KB
2005006 On the Economics of Integrated Ticketing Jolian McHardy, Michael Reynolds and Stephen Trotter PDF, 250KB
2005005 Intra-industry trade and labour market adjustment: A reassessment using data on individual workers Marius Brullhart, Rob Elliott and Jo Lindley PDF, 450KB
2005004 Immigrant Labour Market Assimilation and Arrival Effects: Evidence from the Labour Force Survey Ken Clark and Jo Lindley PDF, 375KB
2005003 Airport Deregulation and Airline Competition Jolian McHardy and Steve Trotter PDF, 237KB
2005002 Impact of Switching Production to Bioenergy Crops: The Switchgrass Example January 2005 Scott McDonald and Karen Thierfelder PDF, 363KB
2005001 A SAM Based Global CGE Model using GTAP Data January 2005 Scott McDonald, Sherman Robinson and Karen Thierfelder PDF, 555KB
Ref Title Author(s) Download
2004013 Estimating threshold vector error-correction models with multiple cointegrating relationships Jamie Gascoigne PDF, 153KB
2004012 Trade Liberalisation, Efficiency and South Africa's Sugar Industry Scott McDonald, Cecilia Punt and Rosemary Leaver PDF, 239KB
2004011 The Role of the 1994-95 Coffee Boom in Uganda's Recovery Lindsay Chant, Scott McDonald and Arjan Verschoor PDF, 212KB
2004010 Preferential Trade Agreements and the Optimal Liberalisation of Agricultural Trade Scott McDonald and Terrie Walmsley PDF, 353KB
2004009 Augmenting the GTAP Database with Data on Inter-Regional Transactions Scott McDonald and Yontem Sonmez PDF, 418KB
2004008 Aids and Economic Growth: A Human Capital Approach Scott McDonald and Jennifer Roberts PDF, 446KB
2004007 Smallholder Supply Response and Gender in Ethiopia: A Profit Function Analysis Abrar Suleiman PDF, 449KB
2004006 Incorporating Ethics into Economics: Problems and Possibilities Donna Rowen and Michael Dietrich PDF, 196KB
2004005 Measuring the Balance of Intra-Regional Trade Tapan Biswas and Jolian McHardy PDF, 80KB
2004004 The Indian Economy Since Liberalisation:
the Structure and Composition of Exports and
Industrial Transformation (1980 – 2000)
Abhijit Sharma and Michael Dietrich PDF, 742KB
2004003 Did John Stuart Mill Reconcile Commitment to Liberty with Admittance of a Single Value Utility? Iona Tarrant PDF, 135KB
2004002 Deriving a Global Social Accounting Matrix from GTAP version 5 Data Scott McDonald and Karen Thierfelder PDF, 538KB
2004001 Data Augmentation in the Bayesian Multivariate Probit Model Roberto León González PDF, 171KB
Ref Title Author(s) Downloads
2003009 Occupational Mortality, Age at Marriage and Marital Fertility Early Twentieth Century England and Wales Sue Bowden and Judith W. Mills PDF, 333KB
2003008 Sampling the Variance-Covariance Matrix
in the Bayesian Multivariate Probit Model
Roberto León González PDF, 175KB
2003007 Asymmetries in Bank of England Monetary Policy Jamie Gascoigne and Paul Turner PDF, 136KB
2003006 Giant Firms in the Information Economy Michael Dietrich PDF, 613KB
2003005 Estimating the Demand for Health Care with Panel Data: A Semiparametric Bayesian Approach Markus Jochmann and Roberto Leon-Gonzalez PDF, 238KB
2003004 An Analysis of Exports and Growth in India: Some Empirical Evidence (1971-2001) Abhijit Sharma and Theodore Panagiotidis PDF, 427KB
2003003 Estimating Quarterly GDP for the Interwar UK Economy: An Application to the Employment Function Peter Hayes and Paul Turner PDF, 347KB
2003002 The BSE Crisis and the Price of Red Meat in the UK John Leeming and Paul Turner PDF, 357KB
2003001 The Error Correction Model as a Test for Cointegration Athina Kanioura and Paul Turner PDF, 368KB

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