Dr Antonio Griffo

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Tel: +44 (0)114 22 25050

ORCID: 0000-0001-5642-2921


  • PhD (Electrical Engineering), University of Naples, 2007
  • MSc (Electronic Engineering), University of Naples, 2003

Research Activities

  • Advanced control of electric drives and power electronics converters
  • SiC power electronics converters in transportation and renewable applications
  • Reliability, fault modelling and fault detection in permanent magnet machines and power converters
  • On-line monitoring of the state of health of machines and converters, diagnosis and prognosis of faults
  • Sensorless control of permanent magnet brushless dc and ac drives
  • Modelling and stability analysis of AC and hybrid AC/DC power systems
  • Power management in microgrids
  • Power electronics and systems for vehicular applications
  • More electric aircraft technologies
  • Thermal modelling and thermal monitoring of electric machines and converters
  • Parameters estimation in electric drives
  • Real time modelling and hardware in the loop testing methodologies


  • Senior Lecturer, Advanced Control of Electrical Drives
  • MSc Projects Coordinator

I received my MSc in Electronic Engineering and PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Naples in Italy in 2003 and 2007, respectively. After completing my PhD on power systems stability and power quality improvement using power electronics based controllers in Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS), I moved to the UK. Here I worked as researcher at the Universities Bristol and Sheffield, where I was appointed Lecturer in 2013.

I have worked on a large number of projects involving the modelling, design, optimisation and control of power electronics and motor drives for applications including automotive, aerospace and renewables.

I developed modeling methods to analyse the dynamics of hybrid AC/DC power systems such as those proposed for the “More electric aircraft”, designed advanced control methods for motor drives including novel sensor-less techniques for aircraft starter/generators and developed methods for Hardware and Power-Hardware-in-the-Loop real-time simulation and testing of electrical drives.

I am actively researching the use of SiC-based converters for aerospace and renewables applications.

As electrical technologies become more widespread in novel applications where reliability is a primary concern, such as future more and all-electric aircrafts, I’ve become involved in several projects related to the modelling and detection of faults in permanent magnet machines and power converters. In particular, I am interested in the development of signal acquisition and processing techniques for real-time monitoring of the state of health of machine insulation, bearings and power electronics converters, with the aim of detecting degradation and faults and predicting the lifetime of components.