Computing and engineering does not require physical strength so I cannot see why women can not do as well, if not better, than men

Kitty Hung running the London Marathon in aid of scholarships
Dr Kitty Hung
Senior Project Manager and Business Analyst
Computer Science Alumna
Kitty Hung is Senior Project Manager and Business Analyst for the IT Department at the Metropolitan Police Service in London. She studied for her PhD at the University of Sheffield in Computer Science, graduating in 1999.

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When I was younger I was very intrigued, how did a calculator work faster than my brain?  Behind a calculator is a computer and I'm very curious about science and computers. What I learnt at University I have been able to apply in my career in the IT industry. 

Your current job

I am a Senior Project Manager and Business Analyst for the Metropolitan Police in London.

During the Beijing Olympics I was employed in Beijing for 4 weeks, and I kept in contact with my contacts in the Beijing Police Department when I was back. I applied my knowledge to the ICT in the London 2012 games. We hit the targets and didn’t have any major problems. I was very grateful, in terms of security and safety it was a success.

What excites you about your job?

It gives me a lot of job satisfaction, our department provides a lot of information and technology to the police officers. We network computers and provide them with handheld devices in their vehicle. We also provide the airwave radios and automatic number plate recognition systems. It makes me happy when police officers have solved a crime and come and thank us, saying that without IT it would be impossible for them to investigate the suspects and solve the crimes. I feel very grateful. 

What is it like being a woman in engineering?

In my opinion women work just the same as men. I don’t see why women would be worse than men. Men may run faster but mentally I cannot see the difference. Computing and engineering does not require physical strength so I cannot see why women can not do as well, if not better than men.

How do we encourage more women to work and study engineering?

To encourage more women to the engineering and scientific world they need to promote successful female figures to young women. If female students will see a female Professor and it will provide them with a role model. I can guarantee that they will look up to her and will make more effort in studying. Also the retention will be higher, they will not give up so easily. 

We interviewed Kitty in 2014.

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