The iForge opened its doors this month to welcome delegates from the makerspace community to UNIMAKER - the UK’s first academic makerspace forum.

UNIMAKER attracted over 80 delegates from 20 different HE institutions from across the UK with a diverse and dynamic programme which included a tour of the faculty’s own makerspace, the iForge.

Current students, technical, academic and estates staff gained insightful information from two world leaders in the makerspace movement - Professor Craig Forest from Georgia Tech and Dr Zoe Laughlin from UCL shared their experiences and were on hand to answer practical questions from delegates about topics such as health and safety, space planning and securing finance.

unimakerDelegates were also able to engage with a number of exhibitors from industry - key suppliers of cutting edge manufacturing and workshop equipment such as National Instruments, RS, Autodesk and many more; integral to anyone looking to set up their very own makerspace.

Dr Pete Mylon, University Teacher & Academic Lead for the iForge said: “We were thrilled with how successful UNIMAKER was. The event not only provided a fantastic opportunity to showcase the University's Diamond Building but also to showcase our very own makerspace, the iForge. It is hoped that in future years UNIMAKER will continue to grow in size and impact with a call for abstracts already in place for 2020.”

Plans are currently underway for next years UNIMAKER with a steering committee starting to come together. For more information about the iForge and UNIMAKER please visit the iForge website.