Student Case Studies

A year in industry can give you the opportunity to enhance your degree and bring the learning from your degree to life in a real world experience. It will add to your professional experience, giving you an advantage when comes to graduating, understanding what areas you want to pursue.

Below are a selection of case studies from our year in industry students:


Asiya Mbarawa

Asiya Mbarawa is an international student from Tanzania, who came to the University of Sheffield in 2016 and chose to undertake a BEng in Control Systems Engineering with a Year in Industry.


Joseph Cheverton Wynne

Joseph Cheverton Wynne is currently in his third year of a BSc Computer Science with a Year in Industry, having opted to take the year in industry programme when he started his course.


Vincent Crasborn

Vincent Crasborn commenced his time at the University of Sheffield in 2014, when he began a foundation year in Aerospace Engineering at the University. Following this, Vincent commenced his MEng in Aerospace Engineering with a Year in Industry in 2015. Vincent is originally from the Netherlands and is currently working at Dyson for his year in industry.

Jack Wells

Jack Wells joined the University of Sheffield in 2015 to commence a MEng in Chemical Engineering with Chemistry. In his second year he applied for year in industry schemes and was accepted at Tata Steel, but the timing wasn’t quite right for Jack at that point to accept. He reapplied in his third year, secured again and is now based at the Swinden Technology Centre, Rotherham.

Robert Morris

Robert joined the University of Sheffield in 2015 when he started his BEng in Bioengineering. He later transferred to the MEng course and the Year in Industry course when he secured a Year in Industry with DePuy who are part of the Johnson and Johnson group.

Anirudh Bandaru

Anirudh came to the University of Sheffield in 2016 when he joined to do a BEng in Materials Science and Engineering, studying modules in his first year such as Biomaterials and Digital Skills for Materials. During his second year he didn’t do as well as he’d planned which meant that he couldn’t be approved for the MEng course in Materials Science. At this point, Anirudh decided to take a year in industry to refresh and get real life experience of how he could apply his theoretical knowledge.

Andrew Do

Andrew Do, is originally from Korea and came the University of Sheffield 3 years ago, to start a Bachelors of Information Technology Management for Business (with a Year in Industry). During his 2nd year, Andrew applied to undertake a year away from the University, as part of his course, to put his degree into practice. Andrew was successful in gaining a year in industry at Samsung SDS Europe, based in Surrey.

James Holden

James Holden is a Mechanical Engineering student who is undertaking the MEng course with a Year In Industry. James originally started the course without the year in industry option but later transferred to the course when he obtained his placement with JCB.

James Wardle

James joined the University of Sheffield in 2015 when he started his MEng in Mechanical Engineering (inc a year in North America). However, in his 3rd year he transferred to the Year in Industry course when he secured a year in industry with Renishaw.

Below is a video done by Russell Grim, a Bioengineering graduate who did his Year in industry at Philips.