CoronaScreen is a package of three new spreadsheet-based screening models for the performance assessment of natural attenuation in groundwater. The models have a different conceptual framework and mathematical formulation for specific contaminant scenarios, but have all been developed from a fundamental new theoretical basis, which describes the evolution of contaminant plumes in groundwater in terms of the spatial distribution of (plume "fringe" and plume "core") biodegradation processes that occur over time. Three models are available within CoronaScreen, offering the possibility to estimate the maximum plume length, the time to achieve this, the plume biodegradation rate and contaminant concentration at a given compliance point. The models can be used to evaluate mixed plumes of organic and inorganic chemicals, using standard site characterisation information and groundwater quality data collected from a relatively simple network of single screen monitoring wells and multilevel sampling well.

The CoronaScreen package of models, user guides, supporting documentation and other information explaining this innovative software and its application is available as a download by clicking on the links below.

CoronaScreen Guidance Document

CORONA Guidance Document

CoronaScreen Software

CS 1.0

CoronaScreen User Manual

CS Software User Manual 1.0

Analytical Model User Guide

AM User Guide 1.0

Electron Balance Model User Guide

EBM User Guide 1.0

Technical support on the use of the CoronaScreen models is available by contacting Dr Steve Thornton. Training on the use of CoronaScreen can also be provided.