BMedSci Renal Nursing Care - Distance-Learning (NURU148)

Who is it for?

This programme is suitable for health care professionals who are involved in the care and management of those with renal disease who wish to undertake online study on a part-time basis. This unit will require the participant to utilise reflection from their clinical area to support the assessment of the academic outcomes. It is therefore necessary for the student to be engaged in clinical practice and have clinical experience in caring for and managing those with renal disease. It is not a requirement of the programme however it is advisable for applicants to have support from their Line Manager.

What is it about?

  • Critically analyse and evaluate the evidence-base relating to health interventions delivered in the care of patients with varying stages of renal disease.
  • Critically reflect upon and evaluate current approaches to care delivery in the clinical setting of the individual student.
  • Develop specialist knowledge and skills in order to deliver, and/or promote the delivery of, evidence based practice that addresses the physiological, psychological, sociological and cultural needs of the patient with renal disease, within the context of multi-agency care teams.
  • Develop inter-professional learning, team-working and collaboration skills through discussion and reflection on practice with other students/health care workers
  • Evaluate care delivered through the critical application of specialist knowledge and skills to meet the needs of patients with renal disease, together with a broader understanding of health promotion and health care provision.
  • Critically analyse and evaluate the use of professional and clinical decision making skills in order to create and maintain an environment in which carers and clients are enabled to make informed choices.

How does it enhance practice?

The emphasis on this degree pathway is for students to explore pertinent issues within their own areas of practice and apply the evidence base to suggest possible solutions and make changes to improve the care delivered. KDIGO, European and UK National Frameworks and guidelines underpin the learning resources and outcomes within the modules on offer. Students will not only have the opportunity to develop their knowledge on the care of patients with renal disease but also in how that care is delivered, use of information sources and the development of technical skills.

Feedback from students who have already undertaken Renal Nursing modules at the University of Sheffield includes:

Very helpful to access site in my mobile I can view it anywhere I am.

I enjoyed doing the work and research for my essay and felt I learned a lot. It was very applicable to practice ….. I felt very supported through this module and [the tutor] always returned emails very promptly.

Very easy to access support...also I never felt on my own with it being an on-line course which I thought I might do. I would definitely do [an] on-line module again.

I was able to access everything through my mobile phone even during my break when I am working. Students sending comments and ideas were useful. In a way you learn how they deal with the problems in their units. Thank you very much for making me a participant of this course.

I am of the older generation so am used to a class room setting, I found online learning strange at first but have soon got used to it. I would like to thank our tutor for an enjoyable course. I found all aspects interesting but found the dialysis section most useful as this is my area of work. I only accessed via my mobile a few times but had no problems.

I thought the standard of the online materials was very high. The scope and amount of links and access to relevant information was excellent.

Really enjoyed the learning aspect of the course and the discussions were great to read and take part.

Course Structure

The course is designed to be undertaken completely online via the University Learning Environment and live online discussion forums.

The pathway will consist of the following compulsory modules:

SNM3254 - Care and Management of the Renal Patient (Online) 20 credits

SNM3255 - Advancing Renal Nursing Practice (Online) 20 credits

SNM3258 - Recognising and Responding to Patient Deterioration (Online) 20 credits

SNM3257 - Evidence Based Practice (Online) 20 credits

SNM3256 - Developing Clinical Practice (Online) 40 credits

If you have already completed SNM3230 Advanced Renal Nursing Practice and/or SNM3321Care and Management of the Renal Patient modules, the credits will be counted towards the online degree.

If you'd like more information about this programme, please contact Andrea Fox on 0114 222 2079