Helia Nazari

BA in Politics and International Relations

Helia175I have completed my high school degree in social sciences in Iran. After that I moved to live in Vienna, Austria with my parents there, I have done two years of International Baccalaureate in the international school of Vienna. Then I applied for the University of Sheffield and now currently I am in my second year of studying politics and international relations at the University of Sheffield.

The Politics Department of the University of Sheffield is third in the country and the university itself is ranked first by students. And a lot of lecturers publish loads of papers every year from the university. I think they all show how good the university is. Despite all these reasons for the university to be stand out, one of the reasons that made me look at the university at first place was that one of my great teachers in Vienna was from Sheffield and both her parents were lecturers in the university.

Many of my lecturers are thinkers and publishers in their own criteria of expertise; therefore I think it is very enjoyable when your lecturer teaches you his or her own theory as part of the course. The attention to social sciences in the university is very high. Therefore there are numerous opportunities for me to explore different dimensions of my degree. Students in my course are all very active and eager to discuss issues and make the most of their time in the university. Guest speakers, politicians who come to Sheffield often, will make the experience of studying here even more joyful and interesting.

Having the opportunity to discuss issues of your course with high-level scholars is the most valuable aspect of studying politics at Sheffield. Opportunities in the university will give me an adequate platform to show my skills and develop my knowledge. Considering my own degree, the focus of the politics department is more on social aspect of politics and less scientific approach, which I really enjoy and believe in.

The lecture-seminar system for social sciences is very fitting to the heart of my subject. Learning the key aspect of each course via lectures and then having the opportunity to discuss them in seminars will build up a nice structure of knowledge for my major. Other than that the MOLE and ECO recording system will make studying easier and more adequate.
The university will not only supports you through studying but will also provide you with different opportunities to develop other skills and pay attention to your interests. I have learned so many different skills, which I think will help me a lot during my future careers. As the university is ranked one of the highest not just in the country but also in the world, having a degree from here will make a nice and professional path towards the future much easier and accessible.

You will never get board or tired! Even if you are exhausted from studying there are always some one and something interesting waiting for you in the university and I believe that is the beauty of the university. It I not just about good education but about an amazing journey towards your future.

I am aiming to finish my degree with a distinction result, which then will help me to find and build the career I love. But other than that, after three years of studying at the University of Sheffield I would love to experience and developed new skills and work in the fields of my major. If there would be some options I may consider continuing my studying for MA or even PHD.

My advice for prospective students coming to Sheffield is to pay attention on what subject you are choosing to study. Search the department and find out what opportunities other than studying is waiting for you here and try to embrace them and learn from every second of your journey.