Anood Al-Shibli

Anood graduated with in 2011 with an MA Applied Linguistics with TESOL

Anood ProfileAfter I graduated from Sultan Qaboos University finishing my BA in Education, English major, I got a job as a teacher in one of the public schools in Oman. Later on, I was determined to be a teacher in one of the universities or colleges in my country; therefore, I applied to be an Assistant Lecturer at the Higher College of Technology. After very competitive procedures, I got the job. Being an assistant lecturer has two main parts: training and completing an MA degree. Before coming to UK, I spent around six months at the Higher College of Technology. I was assigned to different lecturers and I attended their classes. Occasionally, I taught different levels. After completing the six month training course, I was sent to the UK to complete my Masters and The University of Sheffield was my choice.

Interestingly, my sponsor chose another university for me but I insisted on coming to the University of Sheffield. I chose this University for the programme and because of advice from my friend who was a Masters student in the same programme I am taking now. In fact, the programme is very diverse and has many interesting modules. Also, many people recommended Sheffield because it is a safe and peaceful place to live. Thus, I thought Sheffield would be my next destination.

My interests lie in studying about languages and how they are acquired. Therefore, whenever I study and read about linguistics and first and second language acquisition, I feel I am the happiest person ever on this globe. In summation, gaining new information in my field and discussing different topics with different people from several backgrounds are the most enjoyable things about my course. Looking at related topics in linguistics in a critical way is the most admirable and unforgettable aspect about the course I am taking now. Furthermore, meeting people from different backgrounds enriches my experience not only in my specialization but my life as well.

The professors are helpful and knowledgeable. As a Masters student, I have to read as much as I can and obtain sufficient knowledge to run a class when I go back to my country. Generally speaking, the lecturing methods are really evocative in the sense they encourage students to search and read more. The courses run by The University of Sheffield are desirable by most students because they are up-to-date. Also, the university’s policy urges students to benefit as much as they can to educate themselves in the appropriate way. Also, the facilities provided by the University foster the learning process with students, in terms of providing them well with places to study.

The diverse environment is the best aspect about the University. Sheffield has many students from various backgrounds and culture, and this in my perspective helps learners to broaden their horizons in life and education at the same time.

When I finish my course I will be going back home and transferring what I have gained and shaped from this precious experience is my next step in life. I would like to create a full environment where students can be autonomous when they learn.

I believe and I am confident that I am one of those who really take advantage of being here in this evocative environment. I advise all students to use all moments to explore different things and be balanced in dealing with things. I admit that I didn’t have cultural shock when I reached England in general and Sheffield in particular. I believe the reason behind that was the way I dealt with things. I tried my best to discover the University and Sheffield. Also, I have used and I am still using the university’s facilities to develop myself. So I advise students to prepare themselves to be ready for this new experience and think of ways to shape their personalities. So, my advice for prospective students coming to Sheffield is to exploit this chance as much as possible.