Data Science - Student Profiles

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Adnana Tudose, Student

I believe that the best experience in the Information School so far has been the possibility of getting in touch with professionals from this domain, through a Career Day event, where we had the opportunity to listen to what a day-to-day job involves as part of Big Data and Data Science and also the possibility to present ourselves and our interests to the professionals.

I made my choice to study the MSc Data Science solely based on the modules offered as part of the programme. I really wanted to study in this domain and when consulting the website and after receiving a presentation from the module coordinator, I was convinced that I would make the right choice. The particular modules chosen to represent the Data Science domain and the approaches taken to facilitate our understanding influenced my choice.

Alexandra Boutopoulou, Student

I chose to study at the University of Sheffield because it is a research intensive University, a member of Russell Group and it has a great reputation. Also, it was one of the best out-of-London universities I could find.

I enjoyed the high teaching quality and university facilities a lot. Also, my course organised quite a lot of events about cutting edge issues of the market and post-MSc career perspectives, which were extremely helpful. I selected this particular course because it was one of the most promising post-graduate courses in Data Science in the UK, focusing both on the theoretical aspect of data science and its practical/statistical part.

The course tried to introduce students to a range of issues concerning the data science market, focusing on 'here-and-now', rather than keeping the classes purely theoretical. It was a demanding course in terms of practical knowledge (statistics, data analysis, database design, programming etc) that prepares students for a range of significant tasks and makes them very competitive as far as their careers is concerned.

Facilities at the Information School are of high quality, the whole university is dedicated to a high-level student experience and life in it is always interesting and fun. The Professional staff are excellent; very friendly and supportive.

Sheffield is a great city, very sociable and active, full of happy and outgoing people. With two universities in the heart of it, there are loads of young people around and many options for going out. Sheffield rests easy in its musical heritage, as well as its famous, top quality in-house productions and theatres. As for nature lovers, this is a city with endless parks and the great Peak District just a short drive or train-trip away. Both the excellence of the University of Sheffield and the vigorous urban lifestyle make Sheffield a great place to study and live.

Lauren Rodgers, Student

I really enjoy the interactions between staff and students. The lectures are filled with information which I find interesting and challenging, and there are vast amounts of links, books and other sources which allow further independent learning on aspects which appeal to me. I also love the fact that we are introduced to software which organisations use, as this looks really good on our CV for future employment. During my time at the information school, lectures have immersed themselves with students to help guide us through the course and this creates a welcoming and friendly environment for us to study.

After I have finished my degree, I aim to get onto a graduate scheme within an organisation and become a data analyst. Some possible organisations include IBM, Peak Indicators, and Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL), although this line of work is not limited and can be applied to all domains of work.

Rebecca Thorpe, Business Intelligence Consultant, Alto Intelligence, Chesterfield

I chose to study at the University of Sheffield as I was looking for a data related course, and was lucky to find one in my home city.

I knew nothing about data before beginning the course, so I learned a lot. It was a steep learning curve at times, but really helped me develop skills necessary for a data science career. I carried out an internship with Sheffield City Council whilst studying which helped me with practical skills, experience and confidence.

I appreciated the opportunities to learn about data science from a variety of perspectives. I particularly enjoyed the Introduction to Data Science, Database Design, and Data Mining and Visualisation modules.

I found the Information School to offer great facilities and excellent staff, who always had time for students and were experts in their fields.

Jihad Al Wahshi, Student

University of Sheffield was one of the top recommended universities in my country. Regarding my own criteria in selected this particular school it was due to the ranking and global reputation of the University, recommendations from my friend who already graduated from this department and the variety of the modules on offer.

I selected this course due to the relationship between my current job roles and the overall contents of this program. During my selection phase, I found that MSc Data science in University of Sheffield is really different in term of the modules and learning facilities. However, the key factor in choosing this particular course was a desire tomprove my analytical skills in mining big data to make effective decisions.

Studying at Information School is more than learning. The continuous support of the academic staff during the whole course is particularly valuable. Student Staff Committee is another plus point for students that allows them to share their views/ suggestions in and effective manner. Moreover, the student handbook is a very useful learning tool that gives clear instructions and guidelines for students.