Dr Peter Stordy

Senior University Teacher

BEd (Manchester), MSc (Essex), PhD (Sheffield), Senate Award Fellow

Peter Stordy 2018


+44 (0)114 222 2668

Having spent 16 enjoyable years as a deputy head teacher, advisory teacher and school teacher, I retrained as a software engineer and spent the next 4 years working for two leading software companies. During this time, I developed two well-known educational applications: BlackCat Logo and BlackCat Designer. In 2003 I was awarded an Information School PhD scholarship and in 2005 I joined the Information School as a University Teacher. In 2015 I was promoted to Senior University Teacher.

Information School and Faculty Responsibilities

  • Information School Director of Learning & Teaching
  • Information School PLA Lead
  • Module Coordinator of:
    • Database Design (Campus-based)
    • Database Design and Data Management (Distance Learning)
    • Information Organisation (Distance Learning)
    • Information Organisation (Campus-based)
    • Introduction to Programming (Campus-based)

I also teach on many more INF modules