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Mincong Wang
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Mincong Wang
Department of Landscape Architecture
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Tesis Title: Computational Modeling to Test the Cumulative Effects on main channel’s Long-term Landscape Dynamic Equilibrium and Flood Control Efficacy of Tributaries’ Re-naturalization Measures: A case study of the River Don Catchment

In light of a growing awareness of the importance of sustainable river regulations, conventional engineering is showing a greater interest in implementing nature-based interventions . Although testing the utility of restoration measures on flood mitigation has occupied a field of research, relatively few studies have considered it in isolation from a morphology perspective. Moreover, the potential impacts of nature-based modification on flood mitigation not only at the project site, but elsewhere in the catchment, owing to the dynamic character of river systems, has only rarely been demonstrated.

This research aims to explore and demonstrate the efficacy of two widely used macro scale nature-based modifications in terms of meander restoration and re-forestation for flood risk reduction and their long-term impacts on river morphology and then on flood risk reduction subsequently. Utimately it will provide recommendations for an optimal plan containing the deployment of each modification at a catchment scale.

  • 2012-2017 Bachelor of Engineering in Landscape Architecture, Harbin Institute of Technology,
  • 2017-2020 Master of Engineering in Landscape Architecture, Harbin Institute of Technology,
  • 2018-2019 Master of Arts in Landscape Studies, University of Sheffield.
Research interests

Computational modelling, River system restoration, Flood mitigation, Long-term geomorphological alteration.

Research group


  • Dr. Joseph Claghorn (Department of Landscape Architecture)
  • Dr. Lu Zhuo (University of Cardiff)
Teaching activities
  • LSC 6026: Special Project- Research and Development Study (GTA)
  • LSC 6006: Managing the Landscape (Mentor)
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The 23rd Annual International Digital Landscape Architecture Conference HYBRID, Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD), Cambridge Massachusetts USA, 2022