Contemporary Paintings

In the University Heritage Collection, we hold a vast number of abstract and conceptual artworks which were either commissioned, purchased or donated to the collection. These artworks are displayed across the campus, in offices, cafes, meeting rooms to fulfil a decorative function and create a vibrant sense of place. 

ID 1517 Our Students Journey by Joe Scarborough 

Born in Sheffield in 1938, Joe Scarborough is an artist most famous for bringing to life the everyday scenes of South Yorkshire, painting humorous depictions of Sheffield life. The University has three paintings by Joe’s in the university heritage collection.

Our University (ID 894) which was commissioned by The Sheffield University Association of Former Students (SUA) in 2005 for the centenary of the University.

Our Students’ Journey (1517) commissioned by The University of Sheffield in 2010, depicting the student journey at the University of Sheffield from arriving in Sheffield from all over the world, and experiencing all aspects of student life, including the RAG boat race and parade, student officer elections and summer activities in Weston Park.

The Big Walk (ID 1745) commissioned and donated to the University of Sheffield in memory of Jane Riberzani a former member of staff at the University’s English Language Teaching Centre who sadly died of a lung disease in 2014.

ID 1651 BEARAH DIPTYCH II by Lar Cann 

Lar Cann is an artist who lives and works near the world heritage site of the Phoenix Mine and Cheesewring Quarry on the Caradon Hill mining complex of South East Cornwall. His inspiration is engaged with the visual impact on the landscape containing a hidden world of mineral wealth and geology in the South West of Cornwall. In particular, he is inspired with the mining heritage for tin, copper and lead which Cornwall is renowned for. The titles of his works often make reference to the minerals, their source, or as a sub-title to a quarry reference.