Sculpture and 3D objects

The University Heritage Collection includes around 30 works of sculpture. This collection includes portrait busts of notable academics and alumni, site-specific 3D installations of which some are associated with a department in the University and installed in and outside the department building for prosperity. Many of our sculptures are displayed in public spaces around the campus and are an important feature of the University’s urban planning and to create a vibrant sense of place on the campus.

ID 957 Bronze bust of The Rt. Hon. David Blunkett by Shenda Amery

The Rt Hon The Lord Blunkett was a graduate from the Politics Department at the University and was the Member of Parliament for Sheffield Brightside 1987-2010. During his political career, Lord Blunkett was Home Secretary (2001-2004) and Secretary of State for Education and Employment (1997-2001).

ID 1433 Ingots by Mark Firth 2009

Ingots is a sculpture consisting of two large ingots of steel. The Sculptor Mark Firth is the great-great-grandson of the Sheffield steel manufacturer Mark Firth who played a key role in the University of Sheffield's early development.

As part of his sculpture work, Mark is fascinated with engineering, the sciences, physics and the history of scientific phenomena which plays a big part in his work. Mark works in a variety of media including aluminium and steel. Familiar forms in his work represent elements of construction in our modern built environment. These forms symbolise the most efficient man made combinations that are used all over the world in the girders that structure so much of our surrounding infrastructure.