Library Support Workers

Find guidance about how Library Support Workers can help with photocopying, printing, scanning and borrowing library material.


The Inclusive Learning Team are still here to support you. Contact us by emailing Visit our Inclusive Learning frequently asked questions (FAQs) for more information.

A Library Support Worker is a person (usually another student) allocated to you by the Disability and Dyslexia Support Service (DDSS) to assist you in using Library resources. If you think you would benefit from having a Library Support Worker contact DDSS.

If you are an external user or wish to nominate your own Library Support Worker (LSW), email


If you would like your Library Support Worker to photocopy for you in your absence, we will provide you with a charge card for them to use. Photocopiers and printers are available at all Library sites, for you or your Library Support Worker to use.

Paper in various colours is available for those who find copying and printing on coloured paper helpful. Ask what paper is available at any of the Library information desks.

Printing documents

Your Library Support Worker should log into a PC using their University username and password to retrieve the document that needs printing. If your Library Support Worker is not a registered member of the University, email us at

They should send the required documents to the printer then go to an information desk with their Library Support Worker’s card and ask the member of staff to release the print job(s).

Note that this can only be done during staffed hours, details of which can be found at Library sites.


This depends on whether you want a print or electronic copy of the scanned documents. If printing the scanned document, your Library Support Worker should scan the original documents in the normal way and follow the instructions for printing in the previous box.

If sending the scanned document electronically, your Library Support Worker can either scan the documents in the normal way and send the files as attachments to your email address or use the scan direct to email service on one of the photocopiers.

You can scan documents yourself and send the files as attachments to your email address or use the scan direct to email service on one of the photocopiers.

Borrowing library material

We will give your LSW a Library Support Worker card with a copy of your Ucard number that library staff can issue books to. LSWs who are not registered members of the University can only access the Libraries and collect requests during staffed hours. Details of staffed and self-service hours are available at Library sites.

If your UCard/Library card has to be replaced and it has a new number, email us and we will provide a new Library Support Worker card.

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