What does Lex do?

Lex is a software package specially designed for people with dyslexia or learning difficulties.

Using the Wand, you can quickly convert printed material into an accessible electronic format, including spoken word. You can also convert documents already available electronically, without using the wand.

Where can I access Lex?

  • Information Commons (IC) Level 1: Rooms 1.25 and 1.24 and PC's 1054, 1055 and 1056
  • Health Sciences Library, Royal Hallamshire Hospital: PCs 22 and 28
  • The Diamond Level 4: PC 4.02, 4.26, also in the Library Reference Collection on the PC next to the Text Enlarger Workstation
  • Western Bank Library: Level 5 Architecture Room PCs 7 and 8 and level 4, PC 11

(Lex has also been installed on an IC laptop. Please ask at the Level 1 Information Desk.)

How do I access Lex?

Ask a member Library staff to borrow the Readit Wand (if required).

  • Log in to one of the PCs listed above
  • Plug the USB cable of the Wand into the PC, if needed. (You can find advice on setting up the Wand in the Readit guide.)
  • Either click on the Lex icon (below) on the PC desktop, or from the Start menu at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, select All Programs > Lex > Lex

Lex icon

How do I get help with Lex?

Please see these User guides for help with Lex. Alternatively, if you have any questions, you can contact the Inclusive Learning Team.

How do I use Lex?

Please see the basic user guide available from the quick links to the right.

NB: Always exit the Lex software before disconnecting the Wand. Failure to do so may lead to camera damage in the Wand. Details on how to exit the software are available in the user guide.

Further information and comments

If you would like further information or wish to comment on any aspect of the service, please contact us by: