Read & Write

What does Read & Write do?

Read & Write provides help with reading and writing documents. It can read text aloud, highlight words to help with word recognition, and help you to construct words and sentences.

Where can I access Read & Write?

  • IC - Level 1: Rooms 1.25, 1.28 and PC's 1054, 1055 and 1056
  • HSL - PC's 22 and 28
  • Diamond - Fourth Floor: PC's 4.02, 4.26 and also  in the Library Reference Collection on the PC next to the Text Enlarger Workstation.
  • WBL - Level 5, Architecture Room PC's 7 and 8 and Level 4 PC 11

How can I get help to use Read & Write?

From the Read & Write toolbar, you can access short video tutorials for each of its functions.

● Click on the textHELP dropdown menu and select All Video Tours. You can then select the video tours which will be most helpful to you.

text help read and write

Further information and comments

If you would like further information or wish to comment on any aspect of the service, please contact us by:

● Email:
● Telephone: (0114) 2227204
● Meet the Additional support team