Useful tips for author profiles

Guidance on using author profiles and tips to make them effective.


Once you have created some author profiles use the following tips to make them more effective.

  1. Create links from one profile to another, eg point to your Google Scholar profile from ORCID.
  2. Use the same photo on each website so people can instantly identify and verify you.
  3. Try to write your name in the same way on all websites, eg first name, middle initial, last name.
  4. Configure your ORCID profile so that your existing and future outputs from Scopus (for example) are added to ORCID automatically.
  5. Set up a link between ORCID and myPublications so that all your research outputs are automatically added to myPublications.
  6. Once you have an ORCID record, let everyone know about it. Include it in your email signature, your website, your social media profiles.
  7. ORCID recommends that you display your ID as a URL so other researchers can click on it and visit your profile.
  8. If you want to keep your accounts after you leave Sheffield, include a personal email address.
  9. If you’ve published lots of articles check that databases, such as Scopus, have grouped your work together under your correct name. If not, ask them to change it!

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